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Palermo Italian Pizzeria

3751 W 63rd

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As a child I remember visiting Frank and Joe at the original Palermos on 63rd street. And being Northern Italian, I knew I was in for a treat. The brothers are like my own brothers. And the sauce on the pizza is to die for. It has to be and still is the best Pizza in Chicago, and a highly suggested place for you to test your pizza prowess. I will always return to that great little place, and enjoy the most savory Pizza in Chicago. Two thumbs up for Palermo's Pizza on 63rd! There is no pizza like it in all Chicago! - D'Andrea, 01/11/2007

This is the best pizza in Chicago, hands down. The original location on 63rd can't be beat. - Jon, 10/27/2005

I love Palermo's! Best pizza on the planet - it can't be beat. Their sauce is to die for! The original location on 63rd is truly a home away from home. From the minute you walk in, you're treated like a member of the family! There is so much character in that restaurant. I have recently tried the new location in Orland Park and found it can not even compare to the original. I wouldn't go back there (even though it's closer to where I live). The drive to the original is worth it! I recommend the original crust sausage. The sauce is awesome! Go try the best pizza around - you won't be sorry! - PizzaPizza, 07/21/2005

I had not been lucky enough to taste Palermo's Pizza until several years ago, and I am HOOKED! The food is amazing, and that sauce! I eat it at least once a week, and I can't imagine ever being tired of that sweet sauce . . . and the ingredients are so fresh! The original - 63rd Street (just east of Pulaski) - has my heart! I tried Palermo's there first, and when I moved out to the western suburbs, I tried the others, but they cannot be compared. They are all seperately owned, and I've found that the managers at the Orland Park location are rude and not service oriented at all. On the other hand, the owners & managers at the Chicago location are great - they truly give you the feeling of being part of their 'Italian family' each time you walk through the door. Of course the food is the most important part of any restaurant, and their's is delicious. From the pizzas (bellisima!) to the cheese sticks, veal, pastas . . . They cannot be beat! First time tasters use caution - you're guaranteed to be hooked! - PizzaPro, 05/04/2005

I ordered $36.70 worth of food on Friday, 3/25 for delivery. The order was placed at 6:45PM and the food finally arrived after three phone calls at 7:40 PM. The food was cold. 7:10 I placed the first phone call and was told that I was the third delivery. 7:30 still not here I was told the driver probably got lost. Palermo's is is the 3700 block of 63rd, my address is in the 3700 of 60th place. How hard is this to be found. 7:40 I placed the last call because the driver was there but he had to go back to his car to see if he could find the rest of my order. I love Palermo's food and my Son years ago had his reheasal dinner there. I don't think the manager handled the hold situation the right way. He told me to put the driver on because I told the manager that everything was cold. He said the driver was new and he was sorry and he would not send him our again to my house. Don't worry, I will find another pizza place in our area and I am telling all our friend about our bad experience with this manager. - S. Klein, 03/29/2005

Palermo's family-style Italian resaurant has, without a doubt, the best pizza ever created. And it has beaten some worthy adversaries in being my choice for the #1 Chicagoland area pizzeria. Their excuisitely sweet sauce is just absolute magic; it's so unique. The pizza isn't the only good dish there. The lasagna and eggplant parmesan are incredible as well, and so is their linguine w) clams white sauce. Top the evening off with homemade Italian ice or cannoli, and you have an unbeatable meal at a very fair price (most entrees $8-10). The portions are impressive as well; it takes a hearty appetite to finish off a heaping bowl of pasta there. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who is anywhere near Midway airport or the south side in general. - ThePizzaCritic, 03/27/2002

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