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Parthenon (closed)

314 S Halsted
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Open Mon - Sun 11 am - 1 am. Reservations accepted; valet parking available. This is the out-of-towners' favorite Greek restaurant! With a menu featuring several fine lamb dishes, suckling pig, broiled octopus, moussaka, pastitio, dolmades, codfish, Greek sausage, saganaki, and more, there is something here for everyone. Recommended: the special combination ($12). Good selection of wine and bottled beer. - sys, 03/20/2005

One of Chicago's most acclaimed Greek restaurants, The Parthenon features consistently delicious food at low prices. Start off with tzatziki, a yougurt dip blended with finely chopped cucumbers and garlic, considered by many to be the best around. Another requisite is the saganaki, which is rumored to have gotten its start at this spot. Entrees include several lamb and pork options, as well as fried sweetbreads. Open daily for lunch and dinner. - Alotta, 02/18/2005

Just visited the restaurant for the first time in many years, very dissapointed, ordered appetizers of TZATZIKI,FISH-ROE SPREAD ,Calamari and olives and Feta...instead of decent portions in separate bowls, I was given a little tsp full on the same plate with the olives (about 10

Chicago , Parthenon

small ones ) and a tiny wedge of feta, and charged full price for all three of these, then I was recommended by the staff to have some of the Lamb that was on the spit near the bar, and when I took their advise, I was given 3 extremely fatty bones with or rib pieces from the back kitchen, not the spit, with barely any meat at all, and one tiny potatoe wedge..the owners daughter was nice and offered to give me another piece of meat but I had enough of the overpriced food and needed to over $50 for what was a miserable dinner...
- Rik, 02/09/2007

I have been dining at the Parthenon since I was in elementary school. My parents used to take us there, and still do if we are both in Chicago at the same time. Everything I have sampled on the menu is WONDERFUL! The saganaki is a must. I usually order the sample platter because I can't decide which fantastic meal I want, and this allows me to have a little of everything. The Parthenon is such a treat that I attempt to schedule six hour layovers when I'm passing through Chicago. It is a little over an hour by train from O'Hare. I highly recommend eating here. If you eat there once, it won't be the last time! - Rick Papp - Joshua Tree, CA, 06/27/2003

Authentic and wonderful... I simply do not see how they can do it all for the price. And the whole atmosphere was so joyful ! - Dave Pearl, 11/10/2001

On a rate of 1 being like s**t and 10 being like ambrosia it's over the scale!!! - Tom, 05/17/2001

While I don't share the degree of entusisam of the prior reviewer; I was quite pleased with my visit. The food was decently authentic and the service was quite friendly. I was amused by the serving of the saganaki and appeased by the house wine. They have a few Greek liquors such as Ouzo for those willing to experiment. The free valet parking was much appreciated as we found parking in Chicago nothing short of impossible (from Philly). As pleased as I was thoug I still hold that the best Greek restaurant I have been to is the Pappas Grill in Toronto. Worth a visit though. -, 07/25/1999

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and have visited the Parthenon on hundreds of occasions. Although my life has taken me to the desert Southwest, I still think about the Gyros and Spinach pie all the time. I tell everyone that the Parthenon is the best restaurant in America. - SMITCHEL@AEPNET.ORG, 04/28/1999

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