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Pasha (closed)

642 N Clark

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Detail for Pasha (closed) : Restaurant, Italian / Nightclub

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Choose from an Italian menu with Mediterranean and French influences. Vibrant colors, plush draperies, and wrought iron furniture provide the backdrop for dinner, dancing, and special events. Open Tues-Sat; late night dining until 3 am. - Alotta, 06/14/2005

Not at all impressed by this restaurant/club...the two just don't work together. The music was so loud and obnoxious that dinner conversation was impossible...we were extremely disappointed because we chose this restaurant for a romantic evening out...The food was so-so, service very average, mixed drinks were served in glasses not much bigger than a shot glass. To make the evening more frustrating...we paid a cover charge for live music with flamico dancing that never happened! Just the loud blaring music from the dj. I wouldn't recommend Pasha's until they make some changes in service and atmosphere. - judy, 01/28/2002

If you're tired of the normal everyday club scene, check this place out on Tuesday nights. It's like nothing you will ever experience. I have never seen so many beautiful people moving so sensually. The people are classy and dress very chic. Even if you can't

Chicago , Pasha

dance, the music will guide you. And, ladies, if you get sick of the crowd, you can hang out in the bathroom....which might as well be a separate VIP room. You can relax and drink champagne or just get away from the excitement. I highly recommend Pasha on Tuesday nights.
- Jhaqleen, 03/23/2001

The atmosphere is pretty nice. But the music has to change! Each time I was there it was like hearing the same beat being repeated over and over and over again.Any desire for a lot of people wanting to dance was diminished after only a few mimutes of being there.The music really does not compliment the place. At least a little variety would be nice. It's as if the people in there do not go with the music being played. However, the staff is very professional, and overall it's a nice place to go to. - BELLE, 11/15/2000

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