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Pequod's Pizza

2207 N Clybourn

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Reknowned for their pizza, Pequod's is a great place to catch sports on TV and enjoy a beer also. The thin pizza with pepperoni and fresh tomatoes is recommended for first-time patons. The carmelized cheese darkens the edge of the pizza and gives it a great flavor. Pasta dishes include mostaccioli marinara and spaghetti marinara. Desserts include Eli's cheesecake and the Fudge Brownie. - sys, 07/20/2000

My friend and I went to Pequods before a movie at Webster Place this weekend. She is new to Chicago and I was interested to get her opinion on this Chicago institution. Unfortunately the sausage pan pizza, which has been my fave for years, was very doughy and inedible. The waitstaff was friendly and offered to put it back in the oven, but since the cheese was already caramelized that did not work. We didnt have time to order a new pizza, and the option was not offered to us, so we decided to not make a big deal since we were having a nice time chatting and splitting a thin-crust pizza which was

Chicago , Pequod's Pizza

very good. So much for the leftovers we were anticipating. Bottom line: I have no plans to go back anytime soon. It was too expensive for that disappointment. Granted, if we didnt have a time constraint and werent having a good time catching up we could have made a bigger stink about the bill/food. I note that the staff only voluntarily took $3 off our total bill of $60. For a place of this reputation they shoulda voluntarily sucked it up. - Babs, 02/05/2007

Great pizza. I always like cheese fries with ranch dressing for dipping too. They have an upstairs and downstairs. - jms, 09/23/2011

I've been on the East Coast for nearly 5 years, and the greatest thing I miss about Chicago is Pequod's Pizza (the Leinnies I can take or leave...). When I visit Chicago, first there's the obligatory and short 'hello' to the family, and then straight on to Pequod's! Note to the competition: the Uno's in Baltimore sucks - I'll just wait to come back to have a Pequod's Deep Dish Pepperoni: it's worth it! - Fronic1, 03/29/2002

I was one of the original patrons at Pequod's and will continue to be since it is no doubt the best pizza (and pizza joint) on the planet! Extremely cool and fun place to be. I have since moved out to the Northwest, but every time I return to Chicago, I can be found at Pequod's within the hour! I sincerely miss the place and everyone there! - Don, 03/29/2002

Joe Knoch says its the best thin crust in the city - ACD, 10/22/2001

This is the best pizza in the World!!! The combination of the perfect sauce and the tasty carmelized crust is unbeatable. There is no better place to eat wheel and catch a game or just hang out with friends. - The Jackal, 10/18/2001

Best Pizza ever! If and when I move away from Chicago, the pan pizza is the only thing I will miss about this city. - Mike Y, 03/15/2001

I'll admit it, I like pizza. A lot. For some reason, Pequod's pizza just tastes better than others. I'll go out of my way to pick one up. Go to the Bally's across the street, work up an appetite, and then BOMBARD your healthy bod with a pepperoni creation! Good sports too - sit in back by the big screen. - BRB, 09/14/2000

To experience Pequod's at its most jaw-droppingly great, get the pan pizza with pepperoni and hot giardinaire peppers. Not for the faint of heart (or heartburn prone), but possible the finest meal you'll ever eat. Ever, my man, ever. - JJohn, 04/05/2000

Pequod's Pizza (Chicago) offers the very finest pan pizza available in the United States. Provided you enjoy the carmelized crust, you are in for the very best. Quite seriously, no one in the pizza business, not Gino's, Bertucci's, NOBODY can touch the Pequod's pan pizza. Their waitstaff and delivery team are made up almost exclusively of poets, musicians, and thugs... Wonderfully low-brow dining and spirits for sports fans, indie rockers, and yuppies alike, leave your pretentions at the door, tip strongly, and enjoy... - Abe Linders, 02/10/1999

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