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Detail for Petros : Restaurant, Greek / American

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My girlfriend and I went to Petro's for breakfast and what a mess this place is!!!!! The entire staff at this place are RUDE, RUDE, RUDE, and the food was horrible. My girlfriend had an omelet w/ bacon on the side and I had a waffle with strawberry compote, the omelet was way over cooked and the bacon was extremely dry too. The compote on the waffle was bitter I think it might have even been expired, I had to wait for decaf coffee because as the waitress put it "OOOOOO no it's to early for that" are you kidding me???? There's no restroom in the Restaurant, you have to go down to the basement thru this maze to get to the restroom they do have. Then when it was time to pay the check we went up to the counter to pay with our credit card and the machine was not working but instead of admitting that there was something wrong with their machine the guy through the credit card at my girlfriend and said "Your

Chicago , Petros

card is no good!!!". It took 3 credit cards later and almost 45min. for him to finally admit and realize that the issue was not our cards but his machine and do you think we even got an apology YEAH RIGHT!!!!!! So do yourself a favor reader AVOID this place at all cost your better off going to McDonald's.
- LaReyna549, 03/20/2011

CAVEAT EMPTOR How do two eggs, two pancakes, link sausage, coffee and a large OJ turn into a $16.60 bill (before tax)? Simple! Ask a server at Petro's (at LaSalle and Wells) for help with the menu ("this is what I want. Please tell me how this fits on the menu"). Rather than suggesting Petro's Big Breakfast for $6, which fits this order very well, she'll make it all a la carte. Next, when you complain to the manager on duty, be sure to use language no stronger than "this is no way to do business." That will get you a screw-you attitude, along with vacillation between, "you have to talk to the waitress" and "you should have come to me with your questions in the first place." Last, don't ask for simple decency at Petro's. It ain't on the menu. - Tim, 06/25/2008

Great sit-down atomosphere and quick to suit an hour lunch. Good food, and great service. - anonymous, 04/28/2006

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