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Pizzeria Due (Due's)

619 N Wabash

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Detail for Pizzeria Due (Due's) : Restaurant, Italian / Pizza

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Open Sun - Thurs 11 am - 1:30 am, Fri - Sat 11 am - 2:30 am. Reservations accepted. Established in 1943, Pizzeria Due is credited as the birthplace of deep-dish pizza, Chicago-style. The finest meats, vegetables, and cheeses are used for every pie. - sys, 10/18/2002

I am from Brazil. I was in Chicago in 2002 and ate a pizza at Due. The combination of the taste of your pizza and the beauty of the city is unbeatable. I hope I can go back to Chicago soon and eat another slice of your delicious pizza. Due is one of the most amazing memories I have from Chicago. Um abrao! (hug) Laerte. - laerte, 03/06/2005

Pizzeria Uno's and Due's are the greatest! I have gone to both over many, many years with friends and colleagues, and their pizza is just fantastic!!!! I would highly recommend these restaurants. - Pat M., 11/30/2007

This is restaurant an insult to traditional deep dish pizza, and to mankind in general. My boyfriend and I should have known better. We should have realized that things wouldn't be going our way once we

Chicago , Pizzeria Due

got there. The host and hostesses did not seat us in a decent amount of time. They quoted us on a time of 30-45 minutes, but it wasn't until an hour later that we were actually at a table. My boyfriend and I weren't the only people this was happening to- people around us were complaining and leaving because of their time mismanagement. When we finally sat down, we ordered garlic bread for an appetizer. I've had better garlic bread at the Olive Garden (and that's saying a lot). We recieved our 4 Cheese & Pesto Deep Dish Pizza shortly thereafter, and to our suprise, it was burnt on top! Upon further inspection, we found that the "deep dish pizza" was almost entirely dough with a thin layer of "cheese" and "tomatoes" at the top. We immiediately complained to the restaurant manager, who was polite and understanding, but we had had it. We stormed out of that crap restaurant, and have made it our solid duty to go out of our way to trash that restaurant's reputation. I've never been so insulted in my entire life! Deep dish pizza should be piping hot, warm and oozing with cheese, not all dough and burnt on top.
- Angela P., 11/05/2007

Recently I visited Chicago on business. I've been a fan of Uno's for so long. When I found an Uno's downtown I looked across the street at Due, and thought I'd give it a whirl. Boy, am I glad. I love Due just the same. Thus far I've been to ten different Uno's and they've all been excellent. PLEASE set up an Uno's or Due in the Pensacola/Panama City Florida area! Thanks Scott Soenksen - Scott Soenksen, 09/19/2002

The best pizza anywhere. no question. -, 04/22/2001

This is the best Pizza I ever had - Mike Farmer, 02/21/2000

Pizzeria Due is the Best Pizzeria in Chicago! When we were dating in the eary 70's, We would always go to pizzeria Due's with all of our friends. We have now moved to Colorado Spgs., CO and whenever we go back home for a visit we always go back to Pizzeria Due. I highly recommend Pizzeria Due it is the Bbest Ever. - Al and Toni Ruiz, 01/05/2000

Best pizza in the world!!! - chirlee brown, 02/15/1999

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