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Pizzeria Uno (Uno's)

29 E Ohio
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Detail for Pizzeria Uno (Uno's) : Restaurant, Italian / Pizza

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Open Mon - Fri 11:30 am - 1 am, Sat 11:30 am - 2 am, Sun 11:30 am - 11:30 pm. Established in 1943, Pizzeria Uno is credited as the birthplace of deep-dish pizza, Chicago-style. The finest meats, vegetables, and cheeses are used for every pie. - sys, 10/18/2002

an ex-chicagoan, now in palm springs along with many friends from chicago who dearly miss your pizza. do you send pizzas by mail???? would like to oreder some! Please e-mail your reply a/s/a/p Thank you -, 07/06/2003

Ate at Uno's in June '02 in Secaucus NJ on vacation to NY for the 1st time. WOW!! Can't beat their flavor anywhere! Hope one opens here in Houma LA. - Kevin J. Cunningham & Family, 03/08/2003

Please, please, please open a restaurant in Atlanta. This is the best pizza I've ever had. My sister and I are contemplating a trip to Boston this summer for no other reason that the Numero Uno Pizza! - Lisa, 05/29/2002

Man, this is a reason to go to Chicago! Matter of fact my wife and I are going this weekend and we are going to have uno pizza every

Chicago , Pizzeria Uno

night we are there!!!
- Layne Lucia, 05/25/2002

Thanks to our loyal guests for all your terrific comments and support! If you'd like more information about the company, it's history, and locations, go to Thanks again! - Uno Restaurant Corp., 02/08/2001

I had the pleasure of eating an Uno's pizza in May of 1997. I am still talking about it today. Not everything is bigger in Texas. Born & raised Texan, - Michele May, 11/30/2000

Worth every trip to Chicago!!!!!!!!!!!!!An absolute MUST!!This place was one of the only restaurants open during the big blizzard a few years back....and it was WELL worth the wait.....Order your pizzas and have a few 'pops' at the bar until your table is ready...Little cramped seating.....but you'll see,FANTASTIC!!! -, 11/25/2000

The pizza is WELL WORTH THE WAIT!!! - S.J. Hinterman, 05/17/2000

We loved the pizza. We stayed at the Embassy Suites right down the street. We had our pizza at the hotel. Be prepared for minimum 1 1/2 hour wait to eat in. Carry out takes about 1 hour. KC Fam of 6 - KC family of 6, 08/08/1999

The only deep dish pizza worth eating!!! - Frankie, 05/24/1999

Absolutely worth a trip to pizza we've ever had! We're coming

Chicago , Pizzeria Uno

back again this summer for some more.
- Kevin, 03/18/1999

Stock up your freezer with their frozen pizza's which you can order and take home to cook (they are just as awesome)... - steve, 10/02/1998

The absolute best in pizza anywhere! When you order a sausage pizza, you don't get just pieces of sausage, you get nearly the entire pizza topped with a huge patty of the best sausage I've had the pleasure of tasting. - Brian, 09/24/1998

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