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Plush (closed)

1104 W Madison
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Restaurant and lounge; Tuesday night is Belly Dancing night! - wm, 02/15/2005

WILLIAM KLERONOMOS or "Mike" as he likes to go by, had the sheer nerve to push me TWICE in order to get to the bar. He claimed he said excuse me three times, but w/a lounge really small, filled to capacity and music blaring--its hard to hear. When I told him he didn't have to push me, he said, then get the F out my way. I then told him I would NEVER return here and he said "Fine, don't come back B." Seriously? That's what "owners" do now. I've been three times and never had a HORRIBLE time, but never had a great one either and this certainly SEALED the DEAL. DO NOT GIVE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY TO THIS DIPSHIT AND HIS DIPSHIT ESTABLISHMENT. - Ashley, 02/28/2010

This place has the worst customer service that I have experienced in a very long time. Plush is kidding themselves if they think they are the up and coming swanky place to hang out. The place itself is a rather cool setup

Chicago , Plush

but the service and the management make you want to leave and never ever come back. The prices aren't worth what you get either. My friends and I went on a Saturday night for a birthday party and we were treated like we had the plague. Rude, no idea of customer service, unprofessional, just very bad business. I nor my friends will ever go there again!!!
- Blondee43, 02/18/2008

Couldn't believe the lack of concern that this club had for its customers. Absolutely awful service, weak drinks, limited seating, and ridiculously bad mix of music. To top it off, they completely overcrowded the place, takes half an hour of waiting to get a drink or go to the bathroom (even for a guy). I would never go to Plush again even if it was free. - martin, 01/02/2007

the worst bar ever for new years eve. overcrowded, weak drinks, crappy chamapgne toast and the worst bar staff ever. - Fay, 01/01/2007

I went on a Wednesday night after work with co-workers...we had soooo much fun! There was a martini special and 1/2 price appetizers. This place has awesome deco and a really fun staff. 80's music with the videos played along...hilarious! - Julie, 11/10/2006

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