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Pueblito Viejo

5429 N Lincoln

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Detail for Pueblito Viejo : Restaurant, Latin

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This Colombian restaurant, with patrons glued to Latin TV, features a limited menu of the region's specialties. Dishes mostly include pork or fried steak as the main ingredient. Tasty appetizers such as patacones and arepas are available. Open for dinner Tues - Sun. - Alotta, 09/02/2003

I wish I could give this place ZERO stars. Bad food; bad atmosphere; discriminatory. I ordered a dish that sounded very good on the menu, but when it arrived everything was deep fried and hard including the rib portion which had bone in it. Even the potatoes were hard as a rock. Do yourself a favor, skip the tacky ceiling with cheap cowboy hats and totem poles and save yourself a lot of disappointment. Service was even bad. - Randall, 07/02/2011

Este es un lugar que no vemos ni que es lo que se esta comiendo, d elo oscuro y lleno de tonterias. Parece mas un basurero que otra cosa, ademas la musica no es muy buena. Ni para que mencionar la "pista de baile" donde no cabe ni los sombreros que tienen para colgar. La fila para entra es larga, y lenta. Muchas personas no parece que supieran de respeto , solo empujan a los demas para poder entrar. No se ni para que se hace linea, alfin que los que llegan de ultimos tienen mas privilegios que los que han esperado por horas,y no se para que. mi calificacion es cero. Realmente nunca vuelvo a este lugar llamado "restaurante". - Jose, 07/31/2008

Love it, love it, love it! No, I probably wouldn't invest in the same decorations for my house, but the over-the-top jungle feel of the restaurant is unique. The food is outstanding, and the dinner prices reasonable for the amount that you receive. At times the music is a little loud, but it's a fun informal atmosphere for groups with friendly staff. - Tonie S, 04/12/2006

If Pueblito Viejo spent the same amount of time on their customer service as they did on their 'look' and decorations this could be a really enjoyable place to eat. The bussiest time being after 9pm, instead of the regular 6 to 8 dinner slot, this exteremely over decorated Columbian restraunt, definately gives off a bar/night club vibe. Not a place to take your family to have a nice quiet dinner. The super long tables and tiny upright chairs made it difficult to seat the two children, and when we asked to be moved to a less crowded area so the high chair might fit, they refused on basis that they were 'going to get busy.' (FYI: The restraunt was fairly empty at this point, so there were plenty of tables open for re-seating) Not to mention, they seated us at a table with two people already sitting there! The staff told us that when the couple left, we would then have more room for the high chair. So, they leave, we scoot down, and then we are unable to have a conversation with the people at our table because it is impossible to see their faces. The decorations and massive poles that stick out from the center of the tables prevent any form of conversation. My boyfriend called his dad on his cell phone (who was sitting on the other end of the table) just to ask how his food was! Also, if you don't like noise, this isn't the place for you. We encountered, 7 drunk women at the table behind us, loud music and pots banging for a birthday song. Inconviences aside, the food was quite tasty, and arrived fairly quickly. The menu was basically an array of large steak and pork entrees so come hungry, and don't come if your a vegetarian! Oh, and don't think your being thrify if you ask for water instead of a fountain beverage. They charged around $2.50 for a water. I give the atmosphere a 8, out of ten. The food a 9. And the service a 5. Come for the food, and that's about it! - emadotcom, 11/24/2003

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