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Rainforest Cafe

605 N Clark
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Open Sun - Thurs 11 am - 10 pm, Fri - Sat 10:30 am - 12 am. Enjoy sandwiches, pasta, pizza, and more amid elephants, aquariums, and thunder Recommended: the Cajun pork chops. Huge gift shop. - sys, 09/16/2002

Never been to or seen a Rainforest Cafe before. The outside was decorated with huge jungle creatures and the entrance was inviting. Inside, the entire place was decorated like a rainforest jungle, complete with sound and lighting effects and animatronic jungle creatures. Some seating available on the 1st floor, but we were directed to the 2nd floor where much to our chagrin, the place was populated with tons of little kids and their families. Had our children still been under age 10, it would have been perfect. Thankfully the wait staff seated us away from the other guests so we were able to enjoy a quiet lunch with our sailor boy who had just graduated from the Navy. Our table ordered coconut shrimp, Beef Fajitas, shrimp trio, and Blue Mountain Chicken. For dessert I ordered a Chocolate Diablo for the table.

Chicago , Rainforest Cafe

Overall, we were pleased with the quality of the food, the presentation of the food, the flavor of the food, and the timeliness of delivery and waitstaff. Lunch for 4 was $107 before tip. Would I make a return visit? For coconut shrimp: you betcha! - Anon, 02/21/2007

I have been to the Chicago Rainforest Cafe several times. The staff was extremely friendly and the food delicious each time. I usually get a pasta type dish. I have no children but enjoy seeing other children loving it. It brings out the kid in me also. I feel rejuvenated after visiting a restaurant so full of life. I love the interior decorating from the walls, the sound effects, the mechanical animals to the paintings on the bathroom wall! I hope to visit again this summer when I retire. - sandra, 01/13/2009

We came to Chicago with the intent of going to the Shedd Aquarium as the main event for the kids ( Girl 9 and Boy 4 ) but I have to tell you the Rainforest Cafe ended up being one of the attractions the kids talked about for days, anyone visting Chicago this is a MUST SEE if you have young children. The food was also great. I highly suggest the Volcano Desert the kids loved it. For anyone considering a vacation here, I will tell you my wife and I were very impressed with how clean downtown Chicago is and how friendly the people were. We giveth big thumbs up - Sergeant First Class John Parks, 04/05/2007

Just had lunch and the Rainforest, the first time ever!! What an amazing experiance. I am an Interior design student at Harrington and chose the Cafe for a research paper. I was extremely impressed by the whole experiance and will definately return even if I had bad service, which I did not! - Cherie, 02/07/2007

I took a 200 mile drive with my boyfriend and daughter to Chicago on August 23rd. We decided to eat at the Rainforest Cafe. I ordered a cheeseburger well done with nothing on it and my boyfriend ordered some kind of meat wrap with no onions. My cheeseburger was not well done and the meat wrap had onions in it. The waitress never came back to our table so we could tell her until 30 minutes after we were served. Needless to say, we were very unhappy. When we told her about it, she just shrugged it off. We decided to tell the cashier to see if our bill could be adjusted but she shrugged it off also. We the talked to the manager and guess what.....NOTHING. I expect to have my order correct and decent service when I am spending $50.00 for a meal. We should have went across the street and ate at McDonalds....would have been alot cheaper and Im sure the service would have been alot better.... - Ellen Williams, 08/29/2003

I love the Rainforest Cafe in Chicago. The monkeys freaked out my little daughter. I knew they were a prop but the lights were creepy for her too - Danielle, 07/20/2003

Having been at your place on Friday, April 25, 2003 I was very disappointed in the service and the attitude of your waiters and waitresses. I was with a school group in which when I ask for a salad I was brought lettuce with caesar dressing and that was all. When I ask if they had any other kinds of salad the waitress said yes, but rudley say I wasn't charged for it. My packaged actually paid for pizza, cheeseburgers, chicken tenders and french fries. I am an adult and even on the best of days would not subject myself to that kind of food. Can't you when you have a school group take into consideration the adults and give them a choice? I know that reservations are made way ahead of time and I guess I don't understand why that can't be a consideration. Your waiters and a waitress we had were very rude. It was not my fault that the wrong number of people was given. -, 04/30/2003

this rainforest cafe was the best one I have been to. - seth schutte, 04/19/2001

The food is very good. They have a wide range of food in many different styles. The food has it's own taste to it. The best is the desert. The erupting volcano (brownie) is the best I've ever had! - critic, 01/30/2001

I enjoyed Rainforest cafe so much.I had the best B-day Party ever. Thank's so much!!! - Kvitana Melnykevych, 05/17/1999

I love your restuarant. I enjoyed myself more than you could ever imagine. - Matt, 04/23/1999

We had adults and children in our party and there was something for everyone--great food at reasonable prices and entertaining 'animals' and jungle sound effects. - Jankeys1, 02/25/1999

This is a great Site. I have friends coming in next weekend. Now I can send them this website to show them were we are going to be eating. Thanks -, 09/27/1998

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