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Ramova Grill

3507 S Halsted

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Great homestyle meals for under $5. Chili recipe is a family secret. - sys, 12/26/1999

I live in Bridgeport so I have seen the 'RATMOVA' grill, Millions of times. I used to go see the Movies next door when I was a kid. The Ramova Movie house is now closed because it looks WORSE than the Munsters house! ! Seriously!! I once was going to test my luck and step inside to have some lunch . My curiosity was at an all time high! But, just as I was going to step inside,, this HUMUNGOUS cockroach was scooting out of the place! I mean this roach was the size of a hamburger! It was HUGE!!! And this one guy already inside was all bummy and homeless looking so I was like 'Hell NAW'! But , that was like 4 or 5 years ago so , since I still live in the neighborhood, I guess I'll give the place another chance. But if I see another GIGANTIC roach again, I'm writing this place off for good! And, I think everything looks

Chicago , Ramova Grill

old there because the owner is too damn CHEAP to do any repairs!
- nino, 10/07/2002

Bob and his son Bill have a atmosphere not seen anymore. It is like stepping back in time to the little diner of Al capones years. The booths the stools at the counter the Phone Booth in the wall all havent been changed since the 20's and the Ingredients used in their food, and especially their chili havent been changed recipe wise since about that time also. You almost expect Elliot Ness to walk in and have a Hamburger and a bowl of Chili.. A MUST VISIT!!!!!! Oh Comer early on Saturdays and Sundays or you wont get a seat as it is a VERY Popular Neighborhood Breakfast spot also... - Jim LasCola, 01/04/2002

When in Bridgeport, I always try and stop by the Ramova Grill. Inexpensive classic greasy cheeseburgers and great chili!!! It's in the theater building, which has been closed for a number of years. I understand the Ramova was the 'sister' theater to the Music Box on the North Side, but the Ramova has a larger seating capacity. - S.R. Boland, 02/17/1999

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