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Red Light (closed)

820 W Randolph
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Detail for Red Light (closed) : Restaurant, Pan-Asian

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A unique blend of Chinese and Southeast Asian cuisines; selection include Maine lobster spring rolls with eggplant and mushroom dumplings; try the duck with plum sauce. Recommended are the 'Arun' collaberations, which include rice baked sea scallops and traditional Pad Thai. Fine selection of specialty Martinis - the Bacardi 151 mixer is a must. Wines by the glass are sparse, and run $8. Fine selection of wines by the bottle. For dessert try the chocolate Lava cake garnished with strawberrys and raspberries. Attentive service. - sys, 09/02/2002

Menu features spicy appetizers such as a corn and lobster soup. A popular entrée is the ginger-glazed grilled chicken breast and braised leg in creamy Malaysian hot-and-sour curry sauce. A favorite seasonal dessert is the blood orange tart with five-spice ice cream. Entrees range from $13 - $29. - alotta, 01/09/2000

I have to admit that the food in this fine establishment was wonderful, the only problem was the completely rude and disrespectful manager on duty. This gentlemen, was the entire downfall of a wonderfull weekend in Chicago. I will never again attend this establishment, and

Chicago , Red Light

I surely will be sure that everybody I know will be aware of such a ruthless atmosphere. Again, excellent meeal but a horrorable experience due to the bull-headed manager. Thanks but beware.
- Golden Sweatshirt, 12/30/2001

This was one of the best meals I have ever eaten. The combination of spices was absolutely stunning. There is no better meal or value in Chicago, period. - Rob, 07/24/2001

I think that it has the best Kung Pao Chicken I have ever had...and the seared paperwappedtuna appetizer is tremendous. - trufun, 09/14/2005

Red Light is closed temporarily! BYOB also? - wm, 03/26/2011

Paul Wildermuth is one of the most talented chefs in this city - creative and able to execute. Great place. Loud. - DJ, 11/15/2000

Phenomenal. The green bean appetizer is unbeatable and the Mango Martini (made with real Mango puree)will have even the tough guy customers asking for an umbrella in their drink. - Jimmy, 01/05/2000

My new favorite restaurant in Chicago! unbelievable, outstanding food, great service, and the decor is very hip. - PJ, 09/25/1999

Excellent food, service and management. The Hong Kong Steak special was amazing. My special request on a Curry Chicken dish was accommodated with no questions

Chicago , Red Light

asked. HXK 2/10/02
- HXK, 02/11/2002

Delicious. The food and service is always wonderful and most importantly consistant. My favorite place to bring friends and family - Daynia B, 09/14/2005

We had a fabulous evening at Red Light and enjoyed everything about it........the ambience, decor, wonderful food, gracious owner who seemed to be working incredibly hard the whole time. It was our first time and I would love to go back. So many more dishes to try. The catfish with cornmeal coating was very lovely as were the long green beans. A large table by the kitchen was kinda fun too! - Val, 10/29/2006

Red Light  , Chicago

Red Light  , Chicago

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