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Reggio's Pizza

140 W 87th

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Detail for Reggio's Pizza : Restaurant, Italian

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Reggio's Pizza is amazing. The crust is truly "buttery" as described. I love it! I will be in Clearwater, Florida mid February through mid March. Will I be able to buy it there? Please reply! - revdfw, 02/04/2011

I have had many pizza's throughout my life!! and i saw reggios pizza and thought i'd try it-well now i'm hooked and i will not buy any other frozen pizza's,period!!! they are excellect!! they don't taste frozen,you all know-that nasty soggy taste,they don't!! and well i tried my kids on one and well,it passed their approval,it was all gone when i turned my back!!! and most of the time,they don't eat it all!! keep up the good work-reggios!!!!! -, 05/20/2003

For the past two years, I have enjoyed your pizza and would like to become one of the special crew members who prepare such delicious dishes. how can i be one of reggios finest. it will be my pleasure to work for a company as great and as reggios pizza. thank you -, 04/21/2003

I normally LOVE your pizza, however, I just made a Reggios pizza and it was the absolute WORST pizza I have ever had from Reggios. It was nasty. I am sure you will not add it to this page, but I needed to complain since I buy them whenever I can afford them. If you would like to contact me I can be reached at - Cindy Maciejewski, 02/20/2003

your pizza is great! We purchased your frozen pizzas at Albertson's - Port Orange, Florida. Now we are unable to find it in the frozen food section. Please, where can we find your excellent pizza in our area? We live in Port Orange, but near Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach areas. Thank you so much!!!!! signed , a reggio-lover, Mare -, 01/27/2003

I use to get Reggio's in Houston's super markets but I don't think you distribute to Houston any more. I LOVE Reggio's you need on in Houston. The frozen pizza taste like a fresh pizza I plan to take a trip to Chicago just to taste a freshly made Reggio's pizza! - Kimberly, 01/18/2003

i purchased the frozen chicago style cheese was delicious,tasty, and it also taste fresh not artificial. my children enjoyed it too..This was the first time we ever ate Chicago style pizza. keep up the good work. - juanita baker, 12/18/2002

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