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Renaldi's Pizza Pub

2827 N Broadway

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I thought about not reviewing, fearing longer wait time of my pizza. This is by far the best thin crust sausage pizza anywhere. The sauce up to the tiny end crust and abundant cheese and the real fresh chunk sausage that doesn't exist outside of Chicago and is missing on most. The owners and workers are all great to deal with, and I would eat my first one there, to make sure it is hot, or pick it up. They are honest people who have "got it" when it comes to sausage pizza! - Bill Placzek, 05/16/2008

the pizza is great but the owner came to my table, told me I was lying about getting sausage on my pizza (I'm a vegetarian) and then told us he didn't care if we ever came back?! This is all in addition to causing a scene while I'm just trying to have a nice pizza dinner with my grandmother who is 77. Real nice. There are better places to eat for sure - jennie, 03/24/2006

This pizza is utterly delicious! I have searched all of Chicago for

Chicago , Renaldi's Pizza Pub

some east coast tasting pizza and here it is!!
- East Coaster, 03/09/2006

the best wings in the city... - jj, 05/26/2005

This place has orgasmically good pizza! Try the a la garbage - it literally made me cry the first time I tasted it. It's that good!!! - Tara, 08/24/2004

Renaldi's has been my favorite pizza place since 1990, when I lived right down the street. Now I live in St. Louis, and I go out of my way to get back there whenever I'm in Chicago! Guys, when are you going to start shipping?! :) - Mark D, 06/02/2004

the best pizza ever!!!! (no joke) -, 07/25/2003

Great atmosphere. Excellent garlic bread. Most importantly, awesome pizza. - Matt, 12/15/2002

Best original pizza parlor in the country! I highly recommend them if you are just a tourist.. or Chicagoan! -, 12/15/2002

Renaldi's Pizza Pub , Chicago

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