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Rose Angelis

1314 W Wrightwood

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Detail for Rose Angelis : Restaurant, Italian

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Innovative twists on traditional dishes; recommended: chicken with spinach over Portobello mushrooms, also chicken with asparagus hearts simmering in marinara sauce. Desserts include a 4x4" block of tiramisu (excellent), bread pudding, and the raspberry and chocolate covered torte. Dinner for two with salad, dessert, and wine runs about $90. Entrees run $9-15. Open for dinner only; closed Mondays. Outdoor patio is open during warmer months. Reservations for groups of 8 or more only; this restaurant is worth the wait. - Alotta, 09/14/2005

We went to Rose Angelis last night for our Valentines Dinner. We found the food to be very average. The cost was reasonable. - Mike and Julie, 02/18/2007

RUDE RUDE RUDE!!!!! One of the servers told a person at our table that he was being too loud, and disturbing the table next to us. She then went to the only other table in the room and told them that they were being too loud, too. No one at either of our tables had complained. When I asked to speak to her boss, she haughtily refused, and made further rude comments. I would never

Chicago , Rose Angelis

go back to a restaurant that treats its patrons so badly.
- foodie2006, 01/23/2006

I went to R A my first time four years ago and it is absolutely the must go place whenever I am in Chicago. In fact, I have sent so many people there in the hopes that they might get lucky and get a chance to try the ravioli with pears. I know of two people that were trying to decide where to vacation and after my stories of dining at Rose Angelis, decided on Chicago. I can't wait to get back! - Allen L, 09/14/2005

Since my nephew and his wife introduced me to Rose Angelis, I have taken many friends there, and each and every dining experience has been remarkable. The creativity and consistency of the food is tremendou and the staff are first-rate. I can't remember a time in the last four years that I've been in Chicago and haven't gone there. - Milton B, 09/14/2005

Rose Angelis is my ONLY must do restaurant stop when I'am in Chicago. The food is always fantastic and the staff and management provide a fun and

Chicago , Rose Angelis

exciting environment. It is on my personal list of top restaurants worldwide. I happily provide this list to all my friends traveling the world on business as I do. The food and wine are reasonably priced and the portions are huge. It is unique.
- David G, 09/14/2005

Wow! This is the best Italian restaurant in Chicago! Infact, RoseAngelis IS Chicago (a small, adorable, neighborhood establishment). The restaurant has both classic Italian dishes (i.e. lasagna, eggplant, manicotti, pesto) and totally unique ones (pear-filled ravioli, stuffed portobello mushroom, duck tortolone). Each dish has incredible flavor and first-class presentation. They also make all of their own desserts, which are reason enough to try this restaurant. Sometimes we start with the bread pudding and work our way backwards! The staff is knowledgeable and personable, the wine list is extensive and reasonable, and prices are a steal (around $9-$12 per entree). RoseAngelis is a must but don't tell too many people-its already too popular. - Janice E, 09/14/2005

Rose Angelis is the Chicago dining experience! Outstanding service and phenomenal cuisine! I can't say enough about my countless visits to this delightful restaurant. - nnelch, 09/14/2005

Rose Angelis , Chicago

Rose Angelis , Chicago

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