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Rosebud on Rush

720 N Rush

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Detail for Rosebud on Rush : Restaurant, Italian

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Open for lunch Mon - Sat 11 am - 3 pm, Sun 12 pm - 3 pm; dinner served Mon - Thurs 5 pm - 11 pm, Fri - Sat 5 pm - 11:30 pm, Sun 4 pm - 10 pm. Reservations accepted; valet parking accepted. Enjoy outstanding steaks, chops, and of course pasta! Live entertainment Wed - Sat; piano bar is always sure to please. - sys, 10/17/2002

If you like Italian food, and you want a lot of food for your money, this is the place to eat. This is an upscale restaurant. The prices for the food are about what you would expect for a quality place to eat. The REAL Italian waiters make this an even better expreience. If you don't like something on the menue, more than likely they will change it for you. If you are still hungry when you leave here, you should go on a diet! If you come to Chicago, and you like Italian food, you should eat here. - William, 02/07/2004

If you don't like the food here, you probably don't like it

Chicago , Rosebud on Rush

anywhere!! This is an Italian restaurant, that is what they do best. If you want seafood...go to a seafood restaurant!! This is a great place to eat, and they will fix it anyway you want it.
- William, 12/11/2002

Great place to eat. Being a college student and all it is hard to come up with extra money to go out to eat. Sometimes I need to get out and go to an upscale place to eat, like the Rosebud. The amount of food that one gets is huge, it is enough to feed more then one person and have some left over. Thanks for the great service. Oh yes, the pasta is to die for. - Marky-Mark, 12/03/2000

My husband and I ate at your restaurant last night to celebrate our anniversary and were terribly disappointed in the quality of your dishes. I chose the restaurant because I have enjoyed the meals that I've eaten there in the past but was so disappointed with the meal we had last night that I felt inclined to email you. The King Crab Leg pasta dish that I had ordered was pretty pathetic. There was only 1 crab leg in the dish but there was plenty of WAY overcooked pasta and butter. My husband had the veal dish and he said it mainly tasted like a veal chop that was boiled in butter. The funny thing is I would have complained then and there but I didn't want to ruin our evening by sending a sub-par dish back to the kitchen. He felt the same way which is why he didn't mention anything until we got home and he said his dinner was making him ill. We were so disappointed in the quality of food that was served to us that we have decided not to frequent your restaurant anymore and are telling our friends and family about our terrible meal. I hope next time you charge $25 something for a pasta dish that's suppose to have crab legs in it that you can be a little more generous with the crab leg portion of the dish. I'm sure we are not the only patrons that are disappointed with your declining quality of food. I hope your dishes improve as the quality and taste of the food is just as important as the name of the restaurant. One last thing perhaps you can get more than one valet to work the door as it took us 10 minutes to get our car. Thank you for your time, I would appreciate a response. My email address is Sincerely, Mina Chong - Mina Chong, 05/24/2000

Excellent Italian dishes at good prices and a romantic atomosphere. - N. Abruzzo, 01/05/2000

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