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Rumba (closed)

351 W Hubbard
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Detail for Rumba (closed) : Restaurant, Latino / Continental

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New Neuvo Latino eatery located near the Merchandise Mart. Every Wednesday 'Rumba con Salsa' features guest DJs,performers, dance instruction, and drink specials. Reservations accepted. Formerly Hubbard Street Grill. - wm, 03/30/2003

similar experiences to what I have had - manger is unresponsive even to owner/investors - has been late on every tax filing rumba has had to do and, apparently has just given up sending anything to the owners/investors - ask Fernando Carranza what is going on or that fat boy Soto how he is pilferring the cash. - pissedatrumba, 11/14/2009

went their for first time had the best time in long time alex rodriguez was so funny. my friends love the place so much that we went again for the presidential debate tuesday,the food is so good that we are going again for the next debate wednesday need to have better service the waiter never came around to ask if we needed any thing else so did the other tables next to me. great place to go best pr restaurant in chicago - god father, 10/09/2008

My boyfriend and I had been to Rumba on a

Chicago , Rumba

few occasions before I decided to have his surprise birthday party there. Both he and I enjoyed the drinks, food, and atmosphere. However, when I made reservations for a party of 20 people, I was told that we would have an area by the bar for our guest and all we had to do was guarantee the house that our party would spend $300. However, when my guest arrived, there was no where to sit, and our reservations were not kept. I spoke to the manager and he then told me that they couldn't accommodate a group that size and that we would just have to wait until something became available. My guest and I waited over an hour! He was unapologetic and tried to make it my fault, when they were the ones that should have told me that couldn't accommodate my group when I initially made the reservations. I was totally livid because of course that sort of ruined the surprise aspect of the party and my guest were upset that they had to stand around and wait. In the end, it was the servers, hostess, and assistant manger who tried to help me the most. But I know feel uncomfortable going to a place and spending money where the head manager doesn't value their customers, especially those who will guarantee to spend a certain amount.
- Vanessa A, 04/22/2007

MY wife and I have been married 5 going on 6 years and we went there a few months ago and we loved it the food was exceelent the drinks great and the music superb.We are looking forward to go there again soon we loved it!!!! - jose oak park, 06/09/2006

Went to the Rumba on a Saturday night after reading about it on the internet. I felt like I was back in the Carribbean once I got there and tasted the food, heard the music and felt the atmosphere. I would recommend this restraunt/ club to anyone. It is fun, lively and overall it was a wonderful dining experience. I have never been treated as pleasantly as I was at Rumba. I am from the Detroit area and was visiting with my girlfriend. Even just watching the people dance made it invigorating just to be there. - Ben LaPaugh, 04/19/2004

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