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Detail for Salpicon : Restaurant, Mexican

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Enjoy award-winning contemporary Mexican cuisine. Menu features items such as homemade tortillas, zesty salsas, and delicious moles. Enjoy a drink made with premium tequila, or select from an acclaimed wine list. - sys, 05/08/2006

This contemporary Mexican restaurant is set in a colorful, snug dining room. A singular menu includes seviche, black bean sopes with mole, stuffed and chipotles. Start your meal with a selection from the top-notch tequila list or wine list. A party area seats 45 and combines the privacy of a separate area with the atmosphere of a restaurant. Open daily for dinner; Sun brunch. - Alotta, 09/22/2005

What a wonderful dining experience! From the friendly valet that took our car, to the engaging host and our fantastic, well-versed server who took care of us, everything was spectacular. The food exploded with flavor (especially the filet in a tomatillo-morita sauce and the soft-shell crabs in a sweet garlic sauce); make sure to save room for the unusual but tasty tequila-lime sorbet infused with serrano chiles. Can't wait to return! - r.david holmes, 06/14/2009

Excellent dining experience!! Fantastic food and beutiful presentations. Service was top-of-the-line.

Chicago , Salpicon

Incredible, extensive wine and tequila selection. A don't miss!!
- patty v, 12/28/2002

what a beautiful place...awesome first impression in terms of atmosphere and asthetics...good food but not in Frontera's league and more expensive...enjoyed drinks, app's, entrees...we were going to buy a $100 gift certificate for a friend...and then...we ignored the host reaching in to the limes (drink garnishes) at the bar, placing them on the rim of the vessel, and then flicking them back in - every one - over and over...we ignored the host going behind the bar and opening and smelling all of the tequilas - every one...but at about 9pm they quit seating and serving as well...the bartender left the bar, all servers left the floor (there were still several active tables - simply abandoned), the kitchen staff came out to the dining room...and get this...the all took turns - one by one - making themselves margaritas with top shelf craft tequilas and cointreau - all the while ignoring us (with our dirty plates and empty glasses)...after a long wait we approached their private party and begged to have

Chicago , Salpicon

our plates cleared and to order dessert and coffee 9i do not know why we did not just leave)...our intrusion seemed to offend the entire staff...we finally got dessert and were allowed 1 cup of luke warm coffee...of course, they all kept coming behind bar to make themselves a 2nd round of drinks and ignored our presence)...after a long wait we again turned to the party table and begged for our check...again, we were so rude and they let us know...after another long wait we were finally allowd to pay...needless to say, we did buy the gift certificate as we could not subject a friend or even an enemy to that kind of an environment...and, needless to say, we will not be back...i mean it was unlike anything we have ever experienced or even imagined...hardly worth the 1 hour 45 min drive each way and the $130 tab...OUCH!...hope to see you all at Frontera real soon! rm
- r malak, 09/28/2002

Some of the most creative and tasty food around!! Definitely an exceptional experience. Can't wait to return! - diana m, 06/12/2005

Delightful dining experience!! From the host through the super-attentive valet everything was FIRST CLASS!! Great food, service and all the small details were attended too. World-class wine list!! Definetly worth the trip! - charles rj, 07/03/2002

Watch out for the rude man who seats you. It made the whole experience unpleasant. I won't go back. - S. Wallace, 05/07/2000

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