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San Soo Gab San

5247 N Western

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Late night Korean BBQ eatery - kitchen open late (til 6am) on weekends. - wm, 03/24/2005

My friends and I ate dinner at this restaurant last week. A friend who came with us highly recommended it. The food was great however the service was horrible. Right from the start when one of us ordered a barbeque on the menu, the waitress said immediately that she doesn't recommend it. She said this without being asked, her reason it has to be cook in a specific way otherwise it'd be tasteless. Why put something on the menu if you can't order it? And why assume that we can't cook it. We ordered 4 bbq and she said it's not enough for 6 people (this is after having ordered other side dishes)but she said "since it's 10'oclock I thinks you are not that hungry anyway." After we finished, one of the waitress approached us and said "so, sorry but we need the table." We were so shocked that they were already kicking us out and this is at 12am (24 hr restaurant mind you). I will never ever go this this restaurant again and I hope they'll be more courteous next time to their patrons. - MG, 06/26/2007

I have just attended a nice family dinner at San Soo Gab San. I have heard frommy korean coworkers that his place had the best korean food in chicago. They sure were right about that. My god there was so much food that I couldn't even finish. I ordered the usual entree there which was kalbi. You basically get to cook your own meat on a charcoal grill they put in front of you. The good thing is that it comes with so many side dishes. They should raise the prices. The waiters and waitresses were so kind and generous even though some of them don't speak english. i recomend anyone to go dinethere. It's open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If your not a type os korean foods kind, then there is a japanese resturaunt right next to the building (there connected) and they are owned by the same owner. From a scale of 1-10, i give this restuarunt a 10!! - Mike Finley, 11/23/2003

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