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Siam Rice

117 N Wells

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Detail for Siam Rice : Restaurant, Thai

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Specialties ($8-11) include Pad Thai Omlettes, Marina Grill, Steak Mussaman and Salmon Teriyaki. Standards ($6-9) include red curry chicken, garlic chicken, lard na, and drunken noodles. Thai Iced Tea ($2.50) is excellent! Open Mon-Fri 11am-8pm; closed Sat,Sun. - wm, 02/15/2005

We stopped by Siam Rice for lunch on Wednesday .. we sampled the Curry Chicken Noodle dish (pictured) - delicious. Service is good, but a bit rushed - you'll get your check soon after your entrees arrive! With tip, figure on $14 per person for lunch. - wm, 05/08/2011

I JUST HAD THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. First off, let me just say that I have never been called a liar by a manager before...until now. A co-worker and I have been going here every Wednesday (and sometimes Friday) every week for the past year and a half. Well, this time we went with 3 people. We sat down (at a 4 top table) and we ordered our food. We had no idea another friend was coming, but he showed up by himself, so he came and sat with us. The hostess came over

Chicago , Siam Rice

and yelled at us and said the whole party had to be there to be seated. We asked if she wanted us to move to another 4-top, which would have been the exact same table. She said no, and then continued to call us liars saying that we knew that our 4th friend was coming. I tried to explain that if we knew he was coming, we probably wouldnt have already ordered, we would have waited for him. I went up to the manager after we left and I wanted her to know that she was very rude. She said, well if I am that rude, then don't ever come back. Keep in mind, I have gone there 1-2 times per week, for a year and a half. They obviously don't care about their business. I just wish the owner was there to witness that. If I was the owner, she would have been fired on the spot. I am not asking for special treatment, but at least for some respect. The food is decent, but not worth the

Chicago , Siam Rice

lack of respect they have for their customers. BEWARE OF THIS PLACE!!!
- marc, 11/19/2008

Amazing vegetarian selection--everything can be made with tofu! - Albert, 10/09/2006

OH..OH OH was some lunch. I wasted no time telling my Thai friend Rita about it. The chicken satay was absolutely fab, would go back in a heartbeat. - beth howlett, 10/29/2004

The Chicken Satay are wonderful, the Thai beef salad has just the right mix of spice, the spring rolls, were flat, just had no flavor at all to them, but hte salmon rolls made up for it. Food is great, it's around the corner from the hotel I was staying at. Service was pleasant, the air conditioning could have been a little better, but nothing to complain about, and the restuarant has wireless access, nice touch when dining alone with my computer. I'll definitely be back. - maryellen, 07/20/2004

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