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Sicily Restaurant

9450 W Lawrence

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Twenty six years ago my brother celebrated his wedding rehearsal dinner here, when La Sicilia was on Harlem Avenue. 19 years ago when preparing for my wedding, La Sicilia was the only resturant for us. Enzo would be waiting tables and singing to us as he would clean tables and la, la, la, la,la, his way out of the dining area with his hands full of dishes, a smile on his face and the song 'AL DI LA' fading out of his mouth. He would return only to pick up the microphone and start serenading the whole dining area of patrons. My favorite song was 'Amica Mia' and he would always sing it for me. We became friends and Enzo actually sang at my wedding with the band, Fantasia. I am still forever grateful to him. One year when flying to Sicily, I discovered we were on the same plane and exchanged a few words. It was nice to see him and his family. Since, I do not get to Chicago often, I never get to go there anymore, but the food was great, the company was great and the memories are fond memories that my husband and I will have forever. Thank you Enzo! - Josephine C, 06/30/2005

Sicily Restaurant is one of my favorite restaurants to eat and relax in. Not only is the food authentic but the owners will make you feel so at home that you don't want to leave. Enzo, the oldest brother and owner of the restaurant, will entertain you with his excellent singing voice and wonderful, vibrant and charming Italian personlity. YOu will be seranaded at dinner time by Enzo who sings beautiful Italian love songs from the past and the present. You can not help but fall in love with the atmosphere and the Incandela family. The food is completly authentic Italian-Sicilian cuisine. Their menu is based on a wonderful variety of appetizers, pastas, meats, and fish. Since the isle of Sicily is surrounded by water fish is the main cuisine and at Sicily Restaurant 'Fresh Fish Daily' is their speciality. I highly recommend that you give Sicily Restaurant a try because I guarantee you will fall instantly in love. - Valentina D'Amore, 06/18/2001

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