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Spago (closed)

520 N Dearborn
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Detail for Spago (closed) : Restaurant, Cal-Asian

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Open for lunch Mon - Fri 11:30 am - 2 pm; dinner service begins Mon - Sat 5:30 pm; open select Sundays for conventions and holidays. Enjoy Cal-Asian cuisine and local favorites, as dreamed up by famous chef Wolfgang Puck. - sys, 09/16/2002

Here is a restaurant that I loved. The food was outstanding, French in technique but adapted to american taste. They even had a few good desert which is impossible to get in this country. It is very sad and a testimony to Chicago lack of real high end restaurant tradition like in N-Y and LA that a place like that had to close. When they open up you could not find a table, the bar was always crowded with lot of singles. Waitresses were exquisetly beautiful. When they closed no one was going there anymore. What happened?? Cooks in the kitchen were first class. I am puzzled by the fact that the manager of the restaurant Amanda Puck who failed in this first job went on to become a small town celebrity, reinvinting herself as a restaurant

Chicago , Spago

PR. Maybe she was the problem, going out with a Maitre d'H the last couple years with a husband going back to California. Anyway if a restaurant like Spago cannot work in Chicago then nothing really interesting can work in Chicago period. Spago was the only restaurant in Chicago I could go like I would go in a restaurant in Paris. Always good food and beautiful people -any age. I still miss Spago in Chicago. In its headays there was nothing like it.
- Grosse Fatigue, 01/16/2009

My fiance and I went to Spago with a group of people for NYE, and had a wonderful experience! The atmosphere was festive, complete with helium balloons all around the dining area. The cost per person for a fixed menu was $75, and the food was outstanding and the portions were not skimpy--it was a great deal. Highlights of the meal included a generous portion of piping hot risotto, attractively presented steak tartare, and a cool (and slightly phallic!) chocolate dessert delivered to our table by Amanda Puck herself. At about 1 am I realized the

Chicago , Spago

only thing that was missing from our evening--drunken amateurs slobbering all over the place and each other! All in all a great time was had by all in our party. The only negative was the mixed drinks. It was not the bartender's strong suit at all, but they were much better than the watered down versions that a lot of restaurants serve when the booze is included in the price. I must say that in the bartender's defense he was very nice, and when I asked for an extra shot of vodka in my Cosmo because I thought it was too sweet, he happily obliged. If this is the worst part of my NYE, I'll take it!
- Babs A. Rooney, 02/06/2003

Spago  , Chicago

Spago  , Chicago

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