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Su Casa Mexican Restaurant

49 E Ontario

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I was here on Spring Break from Louisiana on 3/31/11 and happened to see your Restaurant "Su Casa". We had eaten at Pizza Due the other night which was very good . The "Su Casa " was very unprofessional from the moment we entered the restaurant. All the workers seem to be disorganized in their duties, our waitress seemed to be unhappy taking orders and never came back to check on our table, the food was just not what we expected from such a notarized establishment. We are originally from South Texas and now live in Louisiana and have had much better "Mexican" food and service in both these other states. Although the decor was very nice, we will not be returning to this restaurant nor will we be recommending it to any of our friends. Our experience was very disappointing. - Dr. Trejo, 03/31/2011

HELP!!!! Sombody please buy this place and make it like it used to be! This place was a gem. In the same location for over 40-years! Then a New York company buys them out and puts

Chicago , Su Casa Mexican Restaurant

in a terrible management team and this is what happens. This place has gone from 4-stars to ZERO stars in a couple short years. They even cheapened the margaritas! Everything is less except the prices. It sucks here now...don't waste your money!
- Chef, 08/22/2008

We will never go back to Su Casa. We live in the neighborhood and time after time I have been disappointed by this place. I don't understand. It used to be sooo good. What happened to Su Casa? The food was bland, service was less than mediocre, and my beer was spoiled. The chips were so oily we couldn't eat them, the guacamole had no flavor (no flavor! how do you do that with guacamole?), and the meat in the tacos were lacking in everything from taste to texture. We also didn't receive the water we had asked for as soon as we sat down until halfway through our entree, not to mention getting the (spoiled) beer we ordered also after our entrees made it to the table. The place was NOT busy and it is hard to find a reason for such shoddy service. The busboy seemed to hate the world, and the waitress just didn't care about anything. If this really was Me Casa, I wouldn't run it so poorly. - Disappointed customers, 08/18/2007

What's up with this place?! My friend and I ordered food today and I asked for rice, beans and sour cream. The waiter told me that they didn't have beans today...first of all...saying a Mexican restaurant doesn't have beans is like saying Dunkin' Donuts doesn't have donuts. As a result, I ended up having to change my order to chicken fajitas. When the meal came out, magically, beans and rice appeared. The waiter said...we found some beans in the back. The fajitas tasted aweful. Yucko! I would not recommend this place at all. - Disappointed Customer, 01/02/2007

I have always made sure to stop at Su Casa when I travel to Chicago. They have a small selection on the menu, but the food is always the BEST! The beef fajitas are my favorite and the strawberry margaritas are the strongest I've ever tasted, which is a good thing! I've never had a bad meal or bad service at this restaurant, which in Chicago is sometimes rare. The staff is always very friendly and they create a charming Mexican atmosphere. This restaurant is 5 stars in my book and will always be on my list of places to stop when I am in Chicago! - cknuss, 04/19/2004

Now let me give you a real Su Casa review..... Sitting down with the family for the first time in 20 years, we decided on a whim to take the kids to a place we both dined at years ago. The chips at the table were hot and greasy, and by the the kids got to the bottom, the grease had settled also Mmmmm. The Margaritas?, served in any size glass they had (mine was in a brandy glass, hers was in a mixed drink glass) are over priced ($7.95 - $12.95) and contained VERY little booze! When the appitizer and meal came, even our little guy (7 years old) told us that this was bad Mixican food and that taco bell was alot better!(WE AGREED) The Carne Asada was not grilled, but pan fried and raw, my chimicanga's looked more like egg rolls with a tasteless green sauce on them. Too bad that the visitors to OUR town have to wander into such a terrible restaurant when there are SO MANY great ones to go to!! Please forget going to this tourist TRAP. By the way, the 'ENTERTAINMENT' is a guitar player in a bad 1970's liesure suit that plays hits old american hits and while we were there enjoyed having the 'maintenance man' paint and install a new room divider during our entire stay! Can you believe that??? Please save the $40+ dollars per person and go to a good restaurant! PS.... the flan was burnt and was brought to us only after we paid the bill! What a night out, next time I'll just cook myself....... I hope the old owners never stop in, they would be very, very surprised! - Never Again!, 10/18/2003

I have been a regular customer for over 20 years. There are no better or more authentic margaritas north of the border.In all of my years I have never had a bad meal here. The management is top notch and the food is superb. Ask for the employee meal of the day for something truly authentic and not on the menu. A real treat in casual Mexican cuisine without all of the trendy gimmicks. - Fernando, 05/01/2003

I've been a loyal customer at Su Casa for the last 14 years, and I hear that next year in june they will be celebrating 40 years. I'm pleased to know that such a great place to dine at that has the strongest margaritas will be celebrating for this long. - I love Su Casa, 07/28/2002

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