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Sushi Samba Rio (closed)

504 N Wells
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Detail for Sushi Samba Rio (closed) : Restaurant, Japanese / Sushi

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Located in the former Hudson Club, this unique eatery offers the cuisine of Peru, Japan, and Brazil. Several raw fish menus are offered. Also available are a traditional Brazilian BBQ plate. Open for lunch Mon-Sat; dinner served daily; Sunday brunch offered. - Alotta, 06/13/2005

This month Rio de Janeiro will erupt into a riot of color and rhythm. Heart pounding music will consume the city and unbridled dancers will take to the streets. A trip to Brazil is not necessary to experience the colorful costumes, live music, delicious food and sultry cocktails of Carnaval! Guests will take part in a spirited Carnaval celebration right here in Chicago. Experience the pulsating sounds of Carnaval with The Sargasso and Brazilian Rhythm Dance Group; SUSHISAMBA rio's signature montage of Brazilian, Afro Cuban and Latin beats which will keep guests on the dance floor all night. Gorgeous Brazilian samba dancers in sparkling costumes will take to the stage to perform throughout the evening. Special Carnival menu offered the entire weekend. SUSHISAMBA rio's vibrant, colorful dcor will be enhanced by traditional Carnaval decorations while the

Chicago , Sushi Samba Rio

staff will dress in Brazilian ceremonial attire, as well as Carnaval-inspired costumes. - Susannah C, 02/21/2006

Sushi Samba is Open for Dinner and is excellent - Sushi Samba Rocks, 08/04/2003

The atmosphere was astatically pleasing. The Music was a club sound that could have been turned down slightly, but was tolerable. The food was decent, once it arrived, with a number of options for those that were not sushi inclined. The service left a little to be desired. Granted it has recently opened, but other that the busers you would have thought that none of the staff had worked in a restaurant before. Drinks took time the food took time. I heard so many apologies I thought I was Mrs. Bryant. I would give it a B overall, price was 100 plus dollars for two with no dessert. - Ponch, 07/31/2003

Sushi Samba Rio  , Chicago

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