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Tango Sur

3763 N Southport
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Detail for Tango Sur : Restaurant, Argentinian

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Fine Argentine cuisine; dishes include short ribs with sweetbreads, sizzling sausages prepared tableside, steaks, and stuffed veal (empanadas). Folk music nightly; dinner only.

Noisy atmosphere; dining area seats about 35. Outdoor patio also.

Menu options may include rollo (sliced egg plant stuffed with mozzarella, ham, and spinach), pez (white Mexican sea bass), churrasco (12 oz sirloin), bife angnosto (strip steak), bife ancho, lomo (filet mignon), flan, and chaja. Prices: $12-24.
BYOB. Very busy during peak hours.

Recommended: the empanadas (beef, chicken, spinach) as an appetizer, order two ($1.50 each), and the "bife vesuvio" (prime steak sliced and filled with spinach, cheese, and garlic). - sys, 07/02/2001

Perfect for the red-meat lover. House specialty is parrillada--beef short ribs, sweetbreads, chorizo, and morcilla (blood sausage)--served sizzling on enamel tabletop grills. Reservations taken for groups of 6 and up. BYOB. Entrees in the $14 range. - alotta, 01/09/2000

This Argentine restaurant is known for its generous portions of steak, veal, and more. Other menu items include empanadas, chicken, pastas, and salads. Because this popular spot can fill up quickly, diners will want to arrive early

Chicago , Tango Sur

on to get an outdoor seat as weather permits, or a great window seat inside. Open daily for dinner; BYOB. - Alotta, 09/03/2003

the meal was fabulous but u forgot to mention it's byob, bring your own bottle so instead i had a club soda - lisa, 05/12/2007

A party of twelve came to Tango Sur, planning to spend a decent amount of money. We were not attended to more than twice the entire night, and repeatedly had to flag down a waiter or bus boy. After ordering our entrees, we waited at our table for just under 2 hours for our food. We had been told that the kitchen staff took longer to cook our food and they prefer to bring it out at the same time, yet parties of 7 or 8 received their food long before ours. Highly disappointed and do NOT advise eating here. - Kevin, 09/12/2006

It was the best the food was delicious and the service was splendid. - Nina, 12/09/2002

Our favorite restaurant in the downtown Chicago Area, we recommend it to all our friends. Very friendly service, a bit crowded on weekend nights, but the choices for meats are excellent. Great milanesa suprema de pollo (chicken fried steak. My Fiance loves the argentine-cut meats. Must try it! - Alejo, 07/07/2002

this is a really great restorant, the only issue is that there's no wine available, otherwise, everyhting is superb - adrian, 02/12/2002

Excellent! You'll have to wait for a table, but they do their best to seat you and you can easily wait at a neighboring bar. They take reservations for groups, too and the prices are amazing. Just bring your own wine! - chi, 1/26/01, 01/26/2001

My girlfriend and I do not recommend this establishment to anyone. After not being attended (or spoken) to for over 20 minutes we walked out. We were both sorely disappointed! - Frank, 02/24/2000

This small romantic establishment is connected with the neighboring store. The Beef is true argentine beef. Sweet and tender with a wonderful flavor. The sausage has a spice Chimicurri dip that is worth trying. Its made freash daily. Desserts are devine. Even my friend who does not like desserts could not resist. The Flan topped with dulce de luce was excellant. They do not sell alcohol here but I've seen a bottle brought in from time to time. The food was more then worth the price.. - Kate, 02/26/1999

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