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Taurus Flavors

112 E 71st St

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Detail for Taurus Flavors : Restaurant, American / Ice Cream

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Clean and courteous service. You can even make call-in orders so that you can easily pick them up at the window. Only been operation a little under a year but has great growth potential with the nightclub right next door you can even take food to the club to eat and drink. Open from 8 a.m. till 1 a.m. everyday. Try their Wednesday's special for the budget minded person. - Anonymous, 02/26/2004

just to clear every thing up, at this time there are only 2 authentic Taurus Flavors locations, 85th and Stony Island in Chicago and 147th and Avers in Midlothian. This is acording to the founder of Taurus Flavors, Mr. Edward Perkins. The location on 35th street has not been legit in over 10 years! I just hope they (the real Taurus Flavors) get a location when they rebuild Dixie Square in Harvey. - Me, 03/06/2006

i just wanted to say that i absolutely LOVE this place. one of the only places i know of that knows what REAL sweet peppers taste like. the steak sandwiches and hoagies are to die for. they used to have a location in dolton which is closer to where i live and they need to get that back. in the meantime, i don't mind making the trip into the city location because it is really worth it! - Tonya, 09/04/2007

The person who said the taurus flavors by rodneys is good must have been drunk from being at rodneys. I was the designated driver at a party held at rodneys a few weeks ago, and everybody wanted to get something to eat later. I was the only one sober. We got some hoagies and some steaks ? (if that's what you call 'steak') at the taurus flavors next door. Everybody ate up (cuz they was drunk) I got a mushy wet piece of crap that, even tho it was wet, it was dry & had hard crunchy pieces in it. It taste like it sat in hot water for hours. I threw it away. I took a bite of the hoagie my friend had and it was like room temperature...Nasty and hardly no meat or veggies. It might have been good if it was either cold or hot, not in between. One friend was later sick, but it was hard to tell if it was the liquor or the food. I did try to complain but when went back in that same night the man behind the counter said that the owner was not there and he just worked there so nothing could be done and 'they was closing anyway'. And by the way, the place was NOT that clean and it smelled funny. Good Luck to anyone else who goes there (especially if they are drunk and dont know better) Me and my friends wont be back. Sorry. - Mayia D, 09/09/2004

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