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Thai Bowl

1049 W Taylor

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Food is good and portions are big. But service is really bad. They are rude or indifferent at best, so just order for pick up - Anon, 05/10/2005

Don't understand the comments about rudeness: have been here 30 times and never had a problem. My guess is people get back what they give out. Food and value great as well. - operga1, 05/02/2008

Good food, I wouldn't say great, but horrendous service. Enough said. Someone should print this page and e-mail it or mail it to them. - UIC Professor, 03/26/2008

the food is great but the service is awful. Every time I go there I decide not to back because of the service, they are very rude. - FY, 02/29/2008

Food is good. Usually order for pickup... - anon, 05/28/2007

i agree the food is good but the service does really suck...i hate to say it but their attitudes toward their customers has to change... - Harold and Kumar, 03/18/2007

good food. decent price. crappy service. we order delivery at our work all the time. on one occasion the driver told us we left a bad tip. this was after tipping 10% in addition to their delivery

Chicago , Thai Bowl

fee. on another occasion the driver told us we had to go outside and get it because last time he was there he got a ticket for parking. seriously bad service.
- food eater, 02/22/2007

The food is really great, but I agree that the service is really horrible. I find it funny that they have an award for 'good service' on their wall.... - unknown, 12/05/2006

the food is good...but i agree with everyone else on the fact that SERVICE SUCKS... - JP, 09/18/2006

Food is great...but the service really does blow. The upside is that you don't feel tipping badly, even if tipping at all... But very good food! - ben, 07/12/2006

I happen to find myself eating from Thai Bowl frequently. There food is very good and they offer a wide selection, this coming from a vegetarian. I happen to find the staff to be very helpfull and polite on every visit. - Justin, 07/02/2006

great food every time! helpful staff. Best thai food in UIC area. - u.d (chicago), 03/14/2006

Even if you pick up food instead of dining in the restaurant, you might have to struggle to be acknowledged to pay for it. Not worth the trouble. - anon, 10/26/2005

The food is great, but the restaurant is very dirty. - Annie (Chicago), 09/09/2005

I am a Thai. This place has the worst Thai food. They are trying to pass off some hotch potch as Thai. - Ruangfon, 06/30/2005

the food was o.k. but the service was terrible! the manners of the servers were of very poor quality. do they really expect a tip for being rude? - Jenny R., 05/10/2005

Excellent food. The best thai food I have had anywhere. And the prices are fine. The portion sizes are great. - Milu, 02/08/2005

One of the worst ever places to eat!! I strongly recommend not to even venture in that direction!! Poor service and unclean place!! - Liangfu Z., 05/10/2005

The food is good. But the service is very sloppy. Once when an irritated customer did not leave any tip, he was confronted in the middle of the street by the staff and was told 'don't come back here again'. Sound amusing doesn't it. So, enjoy the food but don't expect great services. - jaison s., 05/10/2005

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