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Tsunami (closed)

1160 N Dearborn
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Detail for Tsunami (closed) : Restaurant, Japanese / Sushi

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Open Mon - Sat 5 pm - 11:30 pm, Sun 5 pm - 10:30 pm. Reservations accepted; valet parking available. Enjoy delicious sushi and creative Japanese cuisine in this Gold Coast hot spot. The upstairs 'Sake Lounge' features full-menu service as well. - sys, 10/17/2002

A dark, stylish room with a sushi bar in front and a sake lounge on the upper level paves the way for sushi and Japanese fusion cuisine with a French twist. Open daily for dinner. - Alotta, 02/25/2005

Tsunami is the very place where you can experience the correct taste of Sushi. I strongly recommed Tsunami if you're searching for a right Sushi Bar in Chicago. - J. Kim, 03/02/2001

On Saturday, December 18, 1999, I visited Tsunami on 1160 N. Dearborn, Chicago, IL. I was appalled by the service provided and insulted by management and staff. Earlier that evening I called Tsunami and made a reservation for me and a few guests from out of town. Upon arrival we were notified that the front of the restaurant was too cold and that they were waiting to set a table in the

Chicago , Tsunami

back section of the restaurant. The host/hostess staff directed us to the bar area on the second floor where my party proceeded to find a table with two chairs. Since there were three of us, we asked the couple next to the fireplace if we could use one of their extra chairs and were informed that we were welcome to it. Approximately five minutes later, a member of my party was disturbed by a rattling of her chair. She turned around and noticed the bus boy holding her chair. Believing that he needed her to move the chair so that he could get by, she stood up and was shocked when the bus boy pulled the chair away and said 'I need this.' He gave the chair to a larger party that just had a few more guests appear. Appalled at this action we attempted to inquire about why this was happening and we were ignored by the busboy. The party apologized to us and said they didnít know why he was doing this. A minute later, the hostess returned to inform us that our table was ready on the dining room floor. We proceeded to descend down the staircase where the bus boy was walking up the stairs and brushed up against my shoulder again and asked me 'Do you have a problem?' I was shocked and I turned around to ask him to clarify what he said. He repeated 'Do you have a problem?' I then proceeded to return to the bar area to ask him what his name was and if I could speak to the manager. He ignored me and I was welcomed by a rude waitress. I attempted to inform the waitress of my concerns about the chair and the busboy, but was told that this was her station and that the busboy was 'the manager.' She also informed me that we allegedly took the chair from the party in her station. I attempted to inform her that her information was incorrect and that if she would ask the couple next to the fireplace she would get the correct information. She ignored me and repeated that this was her station and that I needed to leave and that is when the real manager showed up. I attempted to tell my story again and was not insulted by his comments. He did not believe me nor did he attempt to resolve any of the concerns that I had. This is by far the most I have ever been insulted by the food restaurant industry. What is todayís business etiquette developed into? The management was terrible, they did not believe the consumer nor did they attempt to resolve any of the issues at hand. The management and staff were rude and needless to say we did not eat at the restaurant that night. I would just like to express my concerns and frustrations with Tsunami and itís staff. I just hope that they get their act together and hire a competent managerial and service staff. CAVEAT- For all consumers be weary of Tsunami and their lack-luster food and service. Rating: 0 stars
- anonymous, 12/21/1999

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