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Twisted Spoke

501 N Ogden
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Detail for Twisted Spoke : Restaurant, American / Brunch

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You can't miss this place - look for the skeleton riding a Harley atop the rotating pole on the northwest corner of Ogden and Grand . Great burgers, meatloaf, chili, and killer fries. One pool table. Rooftop seating available during warmer months. This motorcycle-themed bar/restaurant features a good beer and whiskey menu. Hungry? Try a half-pound fatboy, a spiced burger made to order with a choice of grilled onions, bacon, melted cheese and/or barbecue sauce. Feeling adventurous? Stop by on Saturday around midnight for Smut and Eggs, featuring the brunch menu and vintage porn on the TV.

Also recommended: The Boss Hog, a huge pulled pork sandwich .. one of Twisted Spoke's best items. - Alotta, 07/16/2008

We stopped by for smut-and-eggs on Saturday - a good time. The video expert was there to answer all our questions regarding the movie. For eats, we tried the Wisconsin Omelette and the Mex Omelette; both were excellent! The crowd is a bit wacky and/or drunk, but overall a fun time.

Update - the restaurant has been renovated, the bar is

Chicago , Twisted Spoke

now in the main dining area by the windows. We doubt smut-and-eggs still happens!
- js999, 03/04/2010

The TS rocks! My boyfriend and i happened upon it a few years ago when in chicago and always tried to find it again and thanks to this artice we now know where we were! We'll be back! - diane, 09/10/2003

First time visitor, Saturday, August 16th. I had been hearing SO much about the Spoke's bloody marys so, me being a bloody mary connoisseur of sorts, I swung by for one before the Cubs game when I was in town. I was disapointed when I arrived at 1030am, to find that they do not open until 11am. Fortunately, I did get to enjoy one after the game along w/a few STIFF Crown and 7's. They definitely know how to make a cocktail. The staff was great, friendly and on task. I will definitely visit again. My ONE suggestion: A bar that serves up such a mean bloody mary, it really was incredible, should start serving them a little earlier in the day...when they were meant to be

Chicago , Twisted Spoke

enjoyed :) Keep up the good work!
- Becky, 08/22/2003

My family and I visited the T Spoke on 6-15-03 at 11:10 AM. We had been there before and the service was adequate. My 10-year-old son likes the restaurant. When we arrived we were seated immediately. There were about 3 other couples in the dining room at this time. The waiter came over about 5 minutes after we sat down and took our order. We ordered 3 meals off the menu with no substitutions. A couple that came in right after us also placed an order with the same waiter. Then another couple came in a few minutes after we ordered and they had a waitress. The couple that came in last that had the waitress received their food first. We realized that we had been waiting over 45 minutes for our food to arrive, so I approached the waiter but he couldnŠt have cared less. When I was talking to the manager, I said if the waiter would have just admitted he forgot to put our order in, it probably wouldnŠt have been a big deal. But instead the waiter

Chicago , Twisted Spoke

was rude and tried to (put me in my placeś for asking him where my food was. The manager was extremely apathetic toward our problem. I would NOT recommend this restaurant to anyone due to the lack of service and rude employees.
- Ron Morgan, 06/15/2003

What a Great Place. I learned about your bar for the first time when I was serving as an ESL Teacher in Taiwan. One of my students knew that I loved bourbon and bought me a book on bourbon. In the book the author talked about the only Bar in the world that served Jim Beam on Tap. I knew right then and there that I had to check this place out some day. And finally I was able to get there the other night while I was visiting Chicago from St. Louis. I didn't realize how much character and amaince your bar has. such a fun and enjoyable place. Thanks for the cool experience. I will definitely be back some time, hopefully soon. Peace, Sean P. Harlow -, 10/05/2001

The spoke is a very comfortable place to drink with a good mix of music, a better mix of beer choices and an american style menu that has some great twists. go and hang out talk to Cliff, Mitch the two brother owners or one of the regular's. I used to work there and still can't stay away. - MARK RUEBKE, 06/25/2001

Over 400 Whiskeys/Bourbons/Scotch! .. including 6 types of Ardbeg ( Day, Alligator, Beast, + more), and three types of Compass (incl Peat Monster). - wm, 04/28/2013

First time ever at Twisted Spoke I was left with an impression larger than words. Honestly I was just meeting some friends for Sunday morning brunch . . . well that never transpired but to be in that place on a Sunday afternoon was an experience in itself. One of must see places in Chicago!!! No doubt!!!! - Umaara Hadley, 04/19/2001

Everything about the Spoke is outstanding. I have been going regularly for four years now and if you have not donee the Sat. Midnight Brunch you don't know what you are missing. - Thomas, 02/21/2001

the best damn bloody (otherwise known as the road rash) in town!! - jhertzner, 08/30/1999

Great burgers, bloodies and rooftop deck! - jms, 09/23/2011

Twisted Spoke , Chicago

Twisted Spoke , Chicago

Twisted Spoke , Chicago

Twisted Spoke , Chicago

Twisted Spoke , Chicago

Twisted Spoke , Chicago

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