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Detail for Volare : Restaurant, Italian

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This restaurant is always bustling, even on a bitterly cold Tuesday evening in January. Authentic Northern and Southern Italian cuisine includes create-your-own pasta and sauce combinations, chicken Vesuvio, several veal dishes, grilled salmon in a white wine sauce with capers and lemon, and filet mignon. Entree prices mostly range from $13-$30. Open for lunch Mon-Fri; dinner served nightly. - Alotta, 09/15/2005

Volare is highly recommended. Food is standard Italian, but good, and the lunch prices are dirt cheap - less than $10 per pasta entre. - AARON, 07/13/2000

We stopped by on a chilly Monday, and this place was packed. Had to wait an hour for a table. Malbec (by the glass) was great, made the time go by fast. We sampled special items: beef shortribs over risotto .. ravioli stuffed with lamb .. octopus in orange sauce with peas .. everything was phenomenal!!! Highly recommended. Parking is $24 in the lot on Illinois St. - wm, 12/17/2010

My only complaint is that I've endured long waits even with reservations made far in advance, but the food is definitely worth the wait. - anonymous, 03/01/2005

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Chicago , Volare

here almost every day and the food is great!
- Susan, 04/04/2002

The Veal-Chop-Portobello smothered in Marsala Wine Sauce superb! Mouth watering ... can't stop salivating... Excellent Service (Kudos to the Chef and our waiter Sal and the entire very Italian staff)... GB SCS (Detroit Suburb) 02/16/2002 - GB, 02/21/2002

Best Itallian food I have ever had. I would definately go back. Service was also excellent! Higly recommended - Jenny, 09/30/2001

Was first introduced to Volare through an acquaintance who heard it was a new place in Chicago at the time. We went, and I was hooked! Pasta Ala Vodka is just wonderful! Reservations do help! Great location too!!! Very well done! Thanks Volare! - Jeffery P, 09/15/2005

Volare , Chicago

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