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Voltaire (closed)

3441 N Halsted

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Detail for Voltaire (closed) : Restaurant, American / Live Music

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Excellent dinners accompanied by snazzy singers and floor shows ! Dishes include grilled tenderloin, roasted lamb chops, fusilli pasta with shrimp, penne pasta, seafood l'Americaine, grilled chicken breast, black forest ham sandwich, grilled vegetable sandwich, quesadillas, and the derby burger. Reservations required for best stage seating. - sys, 10/11/2000

This restaurant-cabaret spot features an upscale American food menu with items such as steaks, pasta, and fish preparations. Appetizers include crab-scallion couscous cakes, a jicama, frisee, and orange salad, Caesar salad, and shrimp cocktail. Less pricey meals include steak sandwiches, quesadillas, and burgers. A stage in the back room provides nightly entertainment including weekly headliners and musical revues by the Voltaire Troupe Thurs-Sat. Open daily for dinner; Sunday brunch. - Alotta, 10/30/2003

Thanks Voltaire for helping me experience on of the best experiences in Chicago with Madonna Roma! Loved it! - Nicole Jenkins, 04/21/2003

Been there a number of times and have always been pleased. The drinks, service and food are always good (try the Derby burger). The shows are outstanding, lead by Amy Armstrong and troup. Nice 'eye candy'. A must see for out of town visitors!

Chicago , Voltaire

- Mike D'Ambra, 04/09/2003

Awesome place! The food is fantastic and the drinks are phenomenal...try the 'Dirty Girlscout', yum! And the entertainment is 'WOW'! Amy Armstrong and the Voltaire troup have a premium mix of humor, class, and talent that can't be matched in Chicago. Best of all, there's no ticket or cover charge! - Klink, 01/02/2003

4/13/02...Yes, it's true that Voltaire had some serious waitstaff issues in the past. But that seems to have been corrected, and the service is now EXCELLENT. Sometimes the food service is a little slow, but take it in stride! Have another chocolate martini and relax. We have been here 15-20 times in the past year, and we are never disappointed by the food, drinks or the show. (There was one snotty waitress last year, but they let her go). Rick at the bar serves THE BEST DRINKS IN TOWN! Highly recommended. - Jeff, 04/13/2002

What a bad experience we had here! The food was as bad as the service, and they even added more to the bill, than what we received!!The waitress was so mean , and the staff was VERY unprofesional!!!

Chicago , Voltaire

UNACCEPTABLE, in my words, this whole restaurant, Unacceptable !!
-, 11/19/2001

What a bad restaurant!!! Try to eat here and get service, Good Luck!!! We couldnt even get the waitress wo wait on us, and the bar when asked if they could find us a server just asked for our ID's and what we wanted to drink!!! What a Bogus place. The staff and restaurant could be summed up in one word 'pretentious'. - Paul, 11/17/2001

Excellent. One of the best evenings of entertainment I've had in Chicago over the last 10yrs living here. The food was great and the cabaret was outstanding...yet these were all topped by the amazing Amy Armstrong. She has a remarkable voice and a wit and humor to match. I planned on staying just for dinner, then found myself leaving 6 hours later having one of the best nights of my life. This is a Chicago MUST SEE!! PS. I returned on a Tuesday night with friends and we were quite impressed with a young lounge singer named Mark Farris. -, 10/09/2001

This restaurant only seemed interested in carding us, and then only serving us drinks, after waiting for 15

Chicago , Voltaire

minutes to place a food order,with a rude lady waitress, we left never to return, and to pass the word on about this unpleasant experience!!!
-, 07/23/2001

We almost had dinner at Voltaire. However, we met this unassuming waitress who was very rude to us. A very bad experience and I wouldn't let my puppy dog eat at this restaurant . -, 07/22/2001

Fun place!. Quality entertainment. Very nice staff. Good food- great prices.....what more could you want? - Dsvid Greer, 05/19/2001

I have always had a wonderful time @ Voltaire, especially comming to watch Amy & Freddy, probably our favorite Chicago Personalities! thanks for everything, and look forward to seeing you both on March 17th - Todd Armbruster & Tripp Kelley, 03/09/2001

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