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VTK - Vong's Thai Kitchen (closed)

6 W Hubbard

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Detail for VTK - Vong's Thai Kitchen (closed) : Restaurant, Thai / French

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This Lettuce Entertain You restaurant features a red- and grey-themed decor with wood and bamboo accents. For starters try the spicy rocket rolls of crunchy shrimp and pork served with tangy garlic chili dip. Main dish favorites include New York strip over pad Thai-like rice noodles with green peppercorn sauce, and tamarind duck with sesame sauce served over pineapple fried rice. For dessert try the passion fruit souflee or warm Valrhona chocolate cake with coconut sorbet. - Alotta, 08/18/2005

One of a kind Thai Restaurant!!! Great Authentic Thai food selection and imported beer, the best 'PAD THAI' I've had...Highly RECOMMENDED!!! - FC, 03/27/2012

I have been there a few times, we come from Indiana but tonight after we called and came in they wouldnt seat us in a booth. There were four available in the bar but they said they didnt have servers. I guess on a friday night they dont need business. We usually spendva hundred dollars a visit. Maybe when they hire better people we will come back. - jay, 09/02/2007

We dined at Vong's on our first anniversary in 2004. I was totally

Chicago , VTK - Vong's Thai Kitchen

impressed with how welcome the staff made us feel, and how special it was. The food was excellent. We will definately return.
- Hugh W, 11/16/2006

We absolutely love this restaurant. We come up frequently to Chicago from New Mexico and especially appreciated the consideration when my first grandson was born on March 5, 2003. Many, many thanks. - Ross B, 08/18/2005

Over a month ago, we made reservations in the name of Stiverson for April 10. We all received a lovely e-invitation. Our reservation was cancelled by Vong with an explanation that someone had bought out the restaurant for the evening. Precisely why we made reservations so far ahead of time. Now I find out it's Thai New Year during our scheduled reservation. Surely, you knew that ahead of time. Why could you not have told us you were full? I can no longer recommend your restaurant for its wonderful service and food. - karen, 08/18/2005

10 thumbs up - My girlfriend and I dined at Vong's on 1/4/03. It was our first time and the experience was fantastic. The staff was extremely courteous and the food was excellent.

Chicago , VTK - Vong's Thai Kitchen

The chilied shrimp (forgive me I don't remeber the exact name of this dish) was terrific. My girlfriend had the beef tenderloin with pho noodles. This was a great dish as well. The experience was terrific. When visiting Chicago, Vong's will definitely be one of the places at which we will dine.
- Gregg - Atlanta, 01/06/2003

We went to Vong's looking for Thai food. We found a nice hip atmosphere. However, we are vegetarians, and there was only one item on the menu for us. The waiter assured us it was delicious and meat-free. When we were served, we found a huge block of tofu crusted on two sides with blackened seasoning. If anyone knows about tofu, it must be marinated and cut into smaller pieces to have any flavor. It was just a hunk of flavorless bean curn, with odd seasoning, and a soup of what appeared to be fruit but were flavorless vegetable remnants in a distinctly beef-flavored broth. It was inedible. We asked about the dish, and the chef would not say whether there was any beef stock in it. THey would not refund our uneated meals, but offered us a dessert for free. The dessert, a bowl of fruit topped with sugar-crusted rose petals and vegan sorbet, was divine. But for a $60 meal, it was a disaster. - Bonnie, 01/05/2002

I had the best meal at your place last month while visiting my son. I had your butternut-ginger soup. - linlaw, 08/18/2005

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