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3317 N Broadway

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Detail for Wakamono : Restaurant, Japanese / Sushi

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This stylish spot features 'japas', Japanese tapas for around $5 a plate. Items include tofu topped with peanuts and chili oil, and never-frozen fresh sushi options. Average entrees run $9-$15. Wakamono is open daily 4 pm-12 am. - Alotta, 05/08/2006

WAKAMONO HATES KIDS! FYI to all East Lakeview parents, the Wakamono sushi restaurant recently confronted 2 mothers with their young 5 yrs old daughters and told them in a VERY rude manner that kids aren't welcome at Wakamono. This happened early in the evening too when the place was practically empty and before the moms even looked at the menus! Considering the fact that the Nettelhorst Elementary School is only a half block away from Wakamono, it is ridiculous that Wakamono would take such a family-hostile attitude. One of the mothers who got treated so rudely used to go there all the time on her own but now that they have made it clear that Wakamono hates kids, she's never going back. And neither is everyone I know. Families are a part of the East Lakeview neighborhood like everyone else. And many parents here love going out to all the local restaurants. It is outrageous that Wakamono treats us with such animosity in our own neighborhood, just down the street from our homes and across the street from our schools. There are many great sushi places in Lakeview, there is no need to patronize a place that is so rude, unfriendly, hateful, and hurtful to the families of East Lakeview. Shame on you, Wakamono! - Purplerogue, 12/30/2007

We came here on a Saturday because of a friend's recommendation for a nice place to go for my roommate's birthday. The service and food were good and we thanked the waitress for taking care of us. Then, as we were getting ready to walk out the door, one of staff members told us our party of eight was loud & inappropriate the entire time and literally gave the birthday girl a shove out the door and said, "It's time for you to leave now." We are so disappointed that this is the way we were treated for celebrating a birthday. - unhappy girl, 11/05/2007

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