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Walnut Room - Marshall Field's

111 N State

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This Chicago landmark, established in 1907, has been restored to its original grandeur. Stop by at Christmastime to view the traditional Great Tree. Menu features Midwestern standards and homemade desserts.

Hours of operation for the Walnut Room in Marshall Fields: Mon-Fri 11:00AM to 7:00PM Sat and Sun 11:00AM to 6:00PM.

Menu includes meatloaf, chicken pot pie, pasta dishes, shrimp, salmon, and some creative salads. Try the ice tea. - sys, 07/01/2007

We stopped by on a Wednesday; Onion Soup, meatloaf, salads were all excellent. Great service, no wait for seating. I had the Field's Special - a strange salad (half a head of lettuce with turkey, bacon, and 1000 island) ... but very tasty! - wm, 09/07/2007

Watching Martha Stewart was Truly insulted when she proclaimed that Macy's had celebrated the Christmas Tree in the Walnut Room for 100 years. I myself worked at Marshall Fields in the late 1950's and ate breakfast on Saturday mornings during the Christmas Season before work. If you're going to lie, do a little research first. I sat under that Tree, Enjoying my breakfast, and

Chicago , Walnut Room - Marshall Field's

it was no 100 years ago.
-, 12/18/2009

I've been going to the Walnut Room since I was a little girl with my Mother. Now I go there with my granddaughter. So many fond holiday memories - not to mention the delicious food. - Judy, 11/30/2007

I just wrote about the Walnut Room and it's great food on my blog. This year Martha Stewart will be decorating the famous tree. - Carrie, 08/19/2007

We just returned from having lunch at the Walnut Room today. Quite an experience. Beautiful restaurant, great food. I would love to have the recipe for the spinach salad, if you'd share it. - lizzzy, 04/28/2007

I can't believe I never ate in the Walnut Room before now. I was in Chicago with a friend and we stopped to see the tiffany dome. I missed viewing the windows so this Christmas holiday I decided to go back to Chicago. We had a blast and the lunch was excellent. I'll be back. Nov. 2006 - Elena Longiotti, 01/14/2007

I just wanted to say that I have many many memories of having lunch around the tree with my 2 sister, my mother and

Chicago , Walnut Room - Marshall Field's

my grandmother. Sometimes, my aunts and my cousin would join us and they are some of the warmest memories I have.
- Anne C, 11/21/2006

...some traditions are meant to be forever, such as the Room at Christmas time. Both my mother and aunt worked in the Walnut Room in the 1930's and I, as a small girl, would go there dressed to the nines for special times...a lifetime of memories....they even had a frozen food department that you could get some of the signature foods to take home. Before they closed the floors, you could see forever up. - oldfort, 08/10/2006

Breakfasted on December 13, 2005 -- limited menu. Restaurant was not busy at all for breakfast, waitress seated us behind an obstruction with coat hangers. We then asked for a better view as there were many empty tables. Our waiter then served us cold coffee. After asking him, the busperson brought us hot coffee later (stating the waiters were too lazy to get 'hot' coffee). No butter was served. I ordered milk but the waiter forgot. We then asked for more syrup and waited. Finally, the very small dish-type containers were passed by the waitress to us, spilling the contents on our hands. As there were empty tables around us, she could have served them directly. I believe souvenior mugs were to be supplied to us...we never received them. All this time, the majority of wait staff was in the background. The waiter was pleasant but ignored us until the bill came. He apologized for the poor service to the three of us -- but too late. I can accept the limited breakfast menu but not the poor service especially as the restaurant was near empty. - R. Sidzik, 12/14/2005

Enjoyed a lovely dinner in the Walnut Room on December 12th. Had the excellent chicken pot pie and the spinach salad. Do you share the recipe for these things especially the salad and its dressing, it seemed to have honey in it. See you next December. - MRMRSDJH@AOL.COM, 12/20/2004

I do love the salmon dish with its honey-glaze. The fairy that sprinkles star dust is extra special for kids and adults as well. Not too long of a wait.Nice outing that's not too expensive and gives the kids a touch of real class they will always remember fondly. Thanks Marshall Fields. - Sally Hunt, 11/06/2004

Hello, I would love to take my 4 year old son to eat at the Walnut Room and view the tree. I was planning on going with my Aunt and Cousin on Friday, Dec. 12. A convenient time would be around 2 pm. What would be your suggestion as far as timing it so we could be seated by 2pm? The reason for my writing is my son has Type 1 diabetes and he is on a strict schedule as far as eating. If we could figure out a way to be seated by 2pm. that would be appreciated very much. Please reply to Jodi at Thank you for your time. - Jodi Connelly, 12/03/2003

Our family has started the tradition of having lunch at the Walnut Room each year at Christmastime. It after dining we view the lovely windows of Marshall Fields. The whole experience heightens our Christmas Spirit. - Michael, 12/14/2002

OMG this is one place you CAN NOT miss they have the best food in the world. And in the Christmas they have a GIANT christmas tree in thee walnut room, also they decorate their windows so cleverly. It is so cool - Yellowmonkey-12, 12/08/2002

I absolutely love Marshall Field's, especially during the holidays. I moved from Chicago, out to Arizona almost two years ago now and completely miss the tradition of viewing the holiday windows, and dining the exquistite Walnut Room cuisine. For all of those Chicagoans, don't take advantage of the opportunity to go downtown and view all the sights. It's depressing when you don't have it anymore. THe best comparison out here is the Phoenix Zoo lights. (whoopty do) - Arizona Angel, 12/07/2002

i love going to the Walnut Room around Christmas time it makes christmas so much cheerier!!! - Justine, 11/17/2001

I have had your pork chops three times and they are wonderful! I would love to have that recipe! they are the best. -, 01/26/2001

how on earth do you make your wonderful chicken salad recipe -- i would LOVE to have that to enjoy at home -- have never eaten such wonderful chicken salad!!!!! TIA -, 03/23/2000

Excellant Chicken Pot Pies - David K., 06/07/1999

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