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Wiener Circle

2622 N Clark

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Best cheese fries in Chicago. Open late; try the burgers. Late night dining until 4:00am. - sys, 11/30/2004

Awsome CHEESE FRIES!! It's a heart attack served in a cardboard boat. Best show in Chicago. - Carl Spackler, 04/09/2007

I have been to Weiner Circle many times with my friends and it is a riot! The best is after bars, that is when you will really see some action. The food is great well at least from what I can remember, but nothing beats being verbally abused by the staff when you are trying to order. People with thin skin need not apply. - Runion, 08/04/2006

We stopped by The Wiener Circle last week, and the dog and fries were excellent. Be sure to order the Char Chedder Cheese Dog ... with the Works. A hot dog, cheese fries, and drink will run about $7.50.

Parking: believe it or not, there is parking behind the building! Enter via the north side of the Wiener Circle.
- js999, 06/01/2006

Wiener Cirlce! Sure they cost $10 bucks and tend to be sloppy, but take my word, they are absolutely the best chocolate

Chicago , Wiener Circle

shakes in town, make sure you get a double...
- pat from aston, 05/05/2006

I have never been called cracker so many times in my life!! - Everytime I go back to Chicago, it can't pass it up. If you've never been, you better! - Yours Trully, 09/16/2003

I'm actually surprised the food is even being mentioned on this page. The things I saw and heard at the Weiner Circle over Memorial Day weekend shocked me and made me laugh harder than I ever have before. God bless Chicago - this type of place would never exist in Boston. -, 06/13/2003

The Wieners Circle was the highlight of my recent visit to Chicago. After a baseball game and night of bar hopping, this was the icing on the cake. I can't wait to go back and get some !@#$% french fries. - laughed out loud, 05/27/2003

What the fuck's the deal? Why weren't they swearing and shit last weekend? For christ's sakes! I take some friends of mine in from Michigan for the weekend to one of the greatest, most kick ass Hot Dog places around and I felt like an ass because I was

Chicago , Wiener Circle

the only one saying any crazy profanity. Ah well - this place still rules!!!! Maybe it was just an off night.
- RYZQ (aka Rhino), 05/20/2003

the atmosphere and wieners are Grade A- I actually was told by a worker that the cheese was laced with P**zy juice--can't get that at Sizzler. Ballzy and a must stop for all of humanity. - rusty, 05/22/2002

Great Hot Dogs! Good place to get your grub on. - Chris Lupien, 04/17/2002

The best late night eats in Chicago. Don't miss it!!! - hovy33, 03/26/2002

Chicago native but never heard of it...Unos (yes), Elis (yes) but will check this out. Saw it on Comedy Centrel's Dave Attell show. The employees and customers were cursing each other out at like 3 in - Dave L., 01/27/2002

Hoooaahhh! My first experience of Chicago Late Nite. If you're slow, you starve. If you're meek, you eat on the street. If you're a sloppy eater and hate pretentiousness, get cookin'. - Schmitzelstein, 08/29/2001

after a few beers, walk into the circle, expect anything, one time a homeless man tried to sell me stolen fishing poles there. weiner circle has the best chedder fries in chitown, and the profanity adds to the excitement. -, 06/15/2001

If you are looking for the best entertainment in Chicago, enter this establishment late on a Saturday or Sunday night and prepare for some action. Walk up to the counter with your fists clenched and your teeth grinding. Scream your order at the tops of your lungs, making sure to include as much profanity as possible. Have your money ready, and prepare yourself for the some the best smack talking and cheese fries you've ever experienced. The staff behind that counter will serve you the greatest fast food and one-liners in town. I love this place more than you can imagine. No night of bar-hopping is complete without a visit to the Circle. -, 11/15/2000

Anyone who eats these incredibly Noxious so called meats should be taken out in a body bag. - E. Gyure, 01/05/2000

this place has excellent food and an even better atmosphere. for a great late nite haunt after an evening on the town, this place is choice. they may seem rude and obnoxious at first, but its all part of the atmosphere. the owners are incredibly friendly people. all of the employees have worked their for over 5 years, and the restaurant has been around for ages. this place is a historical part of chicago, and should not be missed. -, 12/18/1998

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