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Yu Choy

548 N Wells

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Detail for Yu Choy : Restaurant, Chinese

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Best Chinese food in town. I loved the food, the service and the location. They not only have a great selection of chinese food, but their menu consist of other favorites that are very tasty as well, like their salads and sandwiches. Its right off the highway and easy to find. Try the pot stickers they are to die for! - Anon, 01/31/2006

Might be the worst chinese food Ive ever tasted - fried rice was oily tasty - rice not fluffy - bad after taste Orange chicked was terrible!!! Chicken not even cooked in an orance sauce. What was delivered was like fried chicken nuggets that you were supposed to add to a container of sauce. Wasnt an orance peel in the entire order. I tore up the menu and put it in the trash can along with the entire food order. I hope no dogs get into my trash. I wouldnt even want then to eat this stuff. - Randy Green, 01/10/2010

I have to say that YuChoy is a great restaurant. I've been ordering from there for many years. The food

Chicago , Yu Choy

is always great tasteful, fresh, and made to your request. The staff are very polite, nice, and professional. I would recomend this place absolutely.
- JoJo, 02/26/2008

I love this place, unfortunatley cant get enough of it. try the Sweet and Sour Chicken! - Larry, 04/23/2007

I would definitely recommend Yu Choy for anyone interested in eating great authentic Chinese food. The service is great and the food even better. I was very impressed with the sweet and sour chicken. They always have great salads too if you want to eat light. This place is a good catch! - Deb, 04/23/2007

I can't speak for the other reviews given to this place but, I travel a lot to Chicago and don't live here but if I did I would visit this place all the time. I was impressed by the staff's polite, professional and exceptional services. I brought my friends there and we had good time. I would recommend this place to anyone. This is the place to eat. Awesome food, quality good food. Try it out it won't hurt ! - Bob, 11/11/2006

guys this restaurant is dirty i found dust on the plate i was eating on, + the meat is discusting this restaurant MUST BE CLOSED - David, 07/20/2006

I absolutely loved the food. The service was great, and the location is perfect. I am always there for lunch, the menu consist of an array of fine Chinese food plus many sandwiches and salads to chose from. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who loves good Chinese and great service at very reasonable prices. - anonymous, 01/30/2006

This restaurant could not be MORE UNprofessionally run. The supposed owner/manager was not only unprofessional, but outright rude and condescending. There are enough other comparable Chinese restaurants in the city than to patronize this one. - anonymous, 07/16/2005

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