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Zum Deutschen Eck (closed)

2924 N Southport

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Detail for Zum Deutschen Eck (closed) : Restaurant, German

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Try the schnitzel Dijon, beef tenderloin, or wienel schnitzel. Great beer selection; large facility. Authentic German setting. - sys, 12/26/1999

Zum Deutschen Eck may have closed but there is still the Berghoff downtown or the Chicago Brauhaus in Lincoln Square which I would recommend. If you are in serious need and willing to drive an hour and a half-Karl Ratchs(sp) in Milwaukee is about as close as you will get to ZDE or the Schneithorst in St. Louis. Perhaps it is better that the bottom rung of the Werth familie get rich and vanish into oblivian with his ---- and his slavenly disregard for what he inherited. Gutes Essen! -, 01/06/2003


How sad they closed. I've never had such wonderful German food. I especially loved the lentil soup. Can I get that recipe? I've tried some and none come close. - Karen Garcia, 10/07/2002

After being away from Cicago for 15 years I was excited to return and looked forward to dining at ZDE. To my dismay and disappointment I learned that it had closed months earlier. What a shame that such a great German restaurant is gone. It will be missed and remembered for its greatness and its superior food. - Grant Wells -, 03/21/2001

Many men, women, and children wept as the walls of Zum Deutschen Eck came down. What a shame to lose a true piece of Chicago history. -, 12/11/2000

TRAGEDY!!! I will be in mourning for years! I live in Fort Wayne, a supposedly German town, but there is not much to speak of. I always counted on ZDE! Made a pilgrimage there at least once a year. She shall be missed! -, 11/27/2000

What a shame they're closed. This was THE best German restaurant in Chicago. Are there any German restaurants left?? -, 07/31/2000

What ever happened to the old German neigborhood I knew when I was a kid? 1950-1970`s. Michigan.Your German restaurant is the only one left? -, 05/31/1999

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