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Macy's (Marshall Fields)

111 N State

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Detail for Macy's (Marshall Fields) : Department Store

The anchor of State Street in Chicago. The famed Walnut Room is located on the 6th floor, newer eatery "7 on State" is on the 7th. Near the kitchen gadgets in the lower level, you'll find a sports bar which serves decent pizza.

The conversion to Macy's brings a few interesting changes:
  • All employees will wear black, to better designate themselves
  • Some designer stores will disppear, others will appear in their place
  • Sushi will be added to the menu on the 7th floor
  • Fitting rooms will be remodeled
- wm, 09/12/2006

Marshall Field's was a pure delight and an afternoon of enertainment and exploration with discovery of all sorts of information and goods from many places. The very best and highest end merchandise intermingled in a full line department store with more affordable, but high quality, middle market merchandise. The different venues for dining were exquisite - wheather the Walnut Room - the Marketplace downstairs - the 7th floor food court -- all were inviting and delicious. The Associates and their service were unequaled. They were knowlegeable

Chicago , Macy's

and helpful beyond expectation. It was an experience that is now lost - no other store has or had, a shopping and entertainment atmosphere like it. It is really a shame, a travesty.
- Rich, 08/19/2009

On October 23rd I asked Macy's telephone operator to connect me with the Walnut Room -- Marshall Fields' well-known restaurant. I was connected to a recording that informed me that the Walnut Room would be closed on October 18th. (Yes, a week earlier.) On a second call, the main operator informed me that she had only the one extension for the Walnut Room -- the one to the recording I had already heard. Then, after a considerable wait to speak with someone in Customer Service, I was disconnected. ( I note that Planet 99 lists other restaurants for lunch in the Macy's neigborhood on state street.) - Arme Leute, 10/23/2008

I am from Sydney Australia. I came to Chicago and I shopped at Macy's last May. I bought a Seiko watch. Last week it stopped and I thought it was the battery. It seemed short lived considering the watch was

Chicago , Macy's

less than 6 months old. Today when I took it to the watchmaker for a new battery, I was told that the battery was still good and there was something wrong with the watch itself. I need to send it back to Macy's for warranty repair. What do you think.
- angie langof, 10/15/2007

I truly agree with Sarah (3/28/2007) that the Marshall Field's on State Street was a magnificent experience. I visited this phenomenal store when I visited Chicago (from New Orleans) to see the Jackie O exhibit. I spent an entire day in sheer delight in this store. When I heard that Macy's had acquired this landmark, I was immediately saddened because I knew that the nostalgic beauty of the entire makeup of this store would be lessened by that department store mentality. Sadly to hear from Sarah's review, this has already come to past. - Lisa L., 04/09/2007

While it's true that Marshall Field's on State Street was once a magnificent and unique Chicago shopping experience, this sadly is no longer the case. Macy's has given Chicago's most famous store a distinctively discount feel. Where Marshall Field's once represented Chicago as does Bergdorf

Chicago , Macy's

Goodman in New York and Harrod's in London, Macy's want customers to know it serves America. Macy's is part of a 800 store chain that competes with Target, Kohl's and Wal-Mart. Although the building is still quite amazing to see, it's now full of a generic assortment of private label brands, other merchandise heavy on the low-end or entry level collections from outside designers, tacky displays, self-service price scanner and shopping carts. The grandeur, quality and service of Marshall Field's has left the building.
- Sarah, 03/28/2007

I had my first visit at Chicago Macy Walnut Restaurant on January 7, 2007. What a awesome place to eat and enjoy the holiday after Christmas even. I started with the wonderful tasting Apple Cider with Amaretto and whip crea. Then had the awesome Squash soup and would really like to get the recipe. The waiter we had was fast and courteous and I would give this place a five star. - Barbara, 01/08/2007

My grandmother Meryl Swem use to dress up all her grandchildren and travel into Chicago via the train to treat us all to a wonderful lunch and memories for a lifetime at the Walnut Room -Marshall Fields. Our lunch was always ended with princess dust and fabulous frango mint pie. My grandmother has passed. Now I continue her tradition with my own children. - Amy, 11/12/2006


For those days when it is raining and you NEED to power shop this place has everything, except the rare books which were removed in the 80's. - Nancy L, 04/01/2003

The Walnut Room Restaurant,Hinky Dink McKenna's Bar and Grill and the entire Marshall Field's experience is just something you have to see in person to believe. Marshall Fields is truly one of America's last great department stores ! - Ryan James, 03/12/2003

My aunt, who was 103 at the time of her death, and I (from Denver) used to go to the Walnut Room every Christmas to see the marvelous tree and enjoy a delightful lunch. What wonderful memories. The chef even gave me his recipe for strawberry soup! I've made it several times and received accolades each time. - Ruth Ruff, 03/12/2003

Great, great place to shop! - Rich, 06/14/2002

Macy's  , Chicago

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