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Union Station

200 S Clinton

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Detail for Union Station : Architecture

In addition to serving thousands of commuters daily, Union Station boasts the Great Hall which was kept intact during the station's overhaul. Built in 1935, it features Tennessee marble floors and marble walls, and Corinthian columns. Its open, soft-light design is a great spot to sit and wait for someone, or just people- watch. - Alotta, 10/02/2003

I love Union Station. I grew up taking the train into Chicago and it represents to me all the exticment of a little kid finally getting to the city. It is a gorgeous building and a wondeful place. - Bill Shields- Hanover, NH, 02/05/2000

This is a nice photo of the outside, but the best of Chicago Union Station is INSIDE. If you like classic transportation beauty, come give yourself an interior walking tour. I like best to come when the station is full of bustling commuters, as well as the hundreds of Amtrak passengers. On your self-tour, be sure to go up the escalators that lead to the Chicago River. Go out and stroll along the river for a while, then come back into the station and try

Chicago , Union Station

the food court.
- Francine, 10/26/1999

Chicago Union Station has been pretty much restored to its former magnificance -- PLUS, the Amrak and Metra Facilities are new, beautiful, and quite functional. Thousands of Amtrak cross-country passengers pour in here every day for great trains to all over America -- not to mention the thousands of Chicago commuters who also pour in and out. If you like to watch people going places -- or if you want to go yourself -- this is definitely the place to be! The train takes you direct from city center to city center -- no hassle about getting to the airport. And on the train, you can stretch out, relax, and above all, watch America go by. We are not travel agents or railroad employees -- just two frequent riders and Chicago visitors who love Amtrak and Chicago Union Station! - Bea and Bill Minkler, 10/26/1999

Those of you wanting reference material on the architecture of Union Station might try the Libraries of the Art Institute of Chicago...I believe it's Burnham Library that deals with architecture. Also, try the library at the Chicago Historical Society. I love Union Station too, but I'll never forgive them for destroying that magnificent concourse. - polly, 07/24/2002

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