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Seven Ten Lanes

119 N York

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Detail for Seven Ten Lanes : Bowling / Bar

Formerly Lucky Strike, this bowling and billiards spot features an Art Deco motif and a variety of function rooms in different sizes. - Alotta, 10/07/2005

Have any of you guys ever worked in a restaurant? Probably not because you are complaining about the service at Seven Ten. I go there all the time and I think that it is great! Sometimes they are a little under staffed, but they try their best. The managers are great and have helped us every time we have a problem. If the food comes up late, its not the servers fault... blame either the cooks or the food runners. If you have never been to Seven Ten. I would really consider checking it out. The Hostesses are great and the wait staff has changed and is now amazing! They have made a lot of upgrades in consideration to staff... so if you were displeased, give it another shot. - yorkdork3131, 07/13/2007

I went bowling at seven ten lanes and it was horrible! The lanes kept freezing up about every 2 minutes and we called for help but most of the time, no one came! They didn't even clean the shoes after someone used them! It was a horrible experience. - MDOG, 03/29/2007

I Have eaten at the resturant many times, the wait staff is very friendly but the food itself leaves much to be desired. It arrives cold ,ever eat cold fries, and now the cold has gone to the building. Twice I have been there and the temperature is less then 63 which is a little cold for this time of the year Jand and Feb. Asked to talk to the manager and the manager never came to our table. - Jim, 02/19/2007

this probably is my favorite bar in Elmhurst and maybe the surrounding suburbs... the staff is real nice and has hooked me up a few times with free drinks and the like. I dont understand why it doesnt get a better bar crowd it is far and away better then all the other bars in the area specially buffalo wild wings, at least at seven ten the bartenders know how to make all kinds of drinks - koopdawg, 11/30/2006

i recently visited the 7 ten restaurant (on york rd) in elmhurst il. i must say it was one of the worst restaurant experiences i have ever had. i got to the restaurant at 7:00pm and finally left at 10:00pm i was with 2 other couples. we finally got to order at 7:20pm and then each person got there food served to them all at different times. i was the last one served and i got my food at 8:55pm i had orderd the philly cheesesteak thats it nothing else i could not believe it took 1 1/2 hours to get a philly cheesestake. and then when i got itthe bread was split in 1/2 so when i went to pick it up to eat it all it did was fall apart. (at least i can say it was hot). Next with each of the couples we had our children 5,6,& 6 years old (1 child each) my daughter who is 6 had ordered the mac & cheese bites she recived her food 5 minutes before i did. also the manager was not really of any help our total bill was $180.00 and all he would do is give me the philly cheesestake and the mac & cheese bites for free. he also had 5 different items on our bill that were not ours. the 180.00 was after 4 of the 5 items were removed from the bill. - darren, 07/12/2006

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