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94th Aero Squadron Restaurant

1070 S Milwaukee

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Detail for 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant : Restaurant, Continental

Not suprisingly, the decor has a military theme; menu selections include pork chops, prime rib, seafood, and steaks. - sys, 12/26/1999

My experience at 94th Aero Squadron in Wheeling today was one of the worst dining experiences I ever had. If I owned a restaurant, I would want to know the information below so that I could make the necessary improvements. We had 11:30 am brunch reservations for Father's Day. The front desk was disorganized and had no idea what they were doing. They sat several parties that arrived after my group. My dad had to go check in again with the host, because they forgot about our group. We were then given a table in the bar area when our reservations were for a window overlooking the airport. So...we had to wait even longer for the host to find a table to honor our reservation. The restaraunt staff was very rude and unprofessional. They ran around in a mad frenzy knocking into customers as if they could not handle the crowd. My pregnant wife was was pushed 3 times by the staff without any of the even saying excuse me. While our waitress was pleasant, she made us wait a while before ever showing up to our table. No one ever came to fill our water during the meal. There was also not enough staff working to handle a Father's Day crowd. One poor chef was expected to handle the omelet line and carving station alone. This made the line so long, I avoided the long wait for the omelet I would have normally ordered. Selections at the buffet would sit empty up to 20 minutes because the one person filling it could not keep up. When we went for desert, we had to wait because there were 8 empty platters at the desert table. We even saw the plates for the buffet run out 3 times and this again created unnecessary delays. As for the food itself, when it was actually available, it was awful. The crab legs tasted like they were soaked in a pot of water. The shrimp tasted as though they were left out from the night before. I also had no idea what food was available because of the numerous containers that constantly sat empty. Apparently no one was cleaning up anywhere either. There was food, empty juice cups, and silverware all over the floor. The bathrooms were rather unsanitary with towels all over the floor and sink area. This was my first time and last time dining at 94th Aero Squadron. - Rick, 06/19/2005

noticed that the 94th in san jose california was being torn down... dont tell me its not gonna arise from the ashes? - jim smith, 05/03/2003

On the 18th of August my wife and I visited this restaurant for the 5th time in as many years during our annual trip to Chicago. We have always had great food and have enjoyed the decor. This time before we left, we needed the restrooms but found them very filthy and unusable. This was early evening before the drunks make it to the bar. I would hate to see it at midnight after they have had a few drinks. I will be contacting the restaurant directly and the corporate office when I find their address. I have recommended this restaurant to many people in the past 5 years. We always looked forward to the evening and the good food it would bring. However, this most recent visit will be the last and I will be sure to pass my displeasure on to as many of the people I recommended the restaurant to in the past and if someone asks me if I can recommend a restaurant in the Chicago area, it will not be the 94th Aero Squadron in Wheeling. - skip hollar, 08/23/2001

One of the best restaurants I've ever been to. It's an all out smash of WW2 restaurant. - NY Times, 10/15/2000

Holy Smokes!! food!! - the chee-toe ltd. at the source, 10/15/2000

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