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Best Hunan Restaurant

700 N Milwaukee
Vernon Hills

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Detail for Best Hunan Restaurant : Restaurant, Chinese

I have never experienced service as bad as I had at Best Hunan. I have been there twice, and the second being there was the occasion on which I base this review. Before I say anything further, though, the food was good Chinese food, I will not deny it, but too high of a price for the dishes. First of all, I had eaten just a little prior to going to the restaurant, something very light. I notice that by doing this, I will choose dishes according to my personal liking, and also order only as much as I can eat. I also had a friend with me. When we got there, we were taken to our table, and given roughly 3 minutes to look over the menu. The waiter came over to our table and ask for our orders, and my friend gave an order for Shrimp Lo Mein, and General Tso's Shrimp, and remembering my last visit, I knew the quanitity would be enough for two people, knowing that I had eaten already. So I let the waiter know this was enough for now, and that I would let him know if we would like anything further, and this is where it began. He said okay, and went to give the order, and returned in 1 minute, and asked for my order. I told him again that I will not be ordering anything right now, and would like to wait till the first order comes out. He told me abruptly, "that is okay, but it takes a long time for the food to be ready, so give me your order now." I was honestly disappointed in this waiter, and I again, told him wait, and I would let him know, at which point he moved over to the next empty table and stood there waiting for my order. He kept watching my friend and I, which made us very uncomfortable. From this point onward, he asked me 2 more times, and I feel that a customer should not be hawked like this, at least not for an order. I felt very pressured to order something, but I still waited till the food came out, and honestly, it was just perfect for two people, no need for an extra $14 dish (the Lo Mein was $11 and the Shrimp dish was $15). We finished our food, and ordered some desert, but this time had told the owner our order. The weird thing is that the owner made me just as uncomfortable when he brought our bill, because he left it there with our desert, moved away for about 30 seconds, and came back to ask if it was ready. I said no, but my wallet was out, so he said okay and walked away, and went behind a table, and stared at me until I pulled the money out and called him over to take the bill. It was an unbelievable experience. The last thing I would like to let everyone know is this... This area is predominantly caucasian, and have noticed the difference between the owner's treatment to the other customers and us (we are not caucasian). The time I had went there before this visit, I was with a couple Caucasian friends, and was treated just fine, and was able to enjoy myself, but this time, more than a year later, it was my worst dining experience. I would advise against this restaurant if you want any kind of decent service. - Shoaib, 03/24/2008

Best we've found in this area. Great Hot and Sour soup, Peking Duck, Chicken kabobs over hot pot brought to the table, charming owners who take great pride in their restaurant. - deb, 07/21/2005

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