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Cafe Fourteen

300 N Northwest Hwy

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Detail for Cafe Fourteen : Restaurant, American

hey joe if you want a chicago dog try the chicago dog place next door with the giant hot dog logo....idiot - corey m, 01/03/2009

I went to Cafe Fourteen quite by accident with my 2 little boys last Saturday morning. The Denny's was too crowded, so we drove until we saw this restaurant. The food was excellent and the omlet even came with a stack of pancakes. For less than $7.00 per person..including drinks! It's now another Saturday morning and we're preparing to go back right now just as soon as I press the "Send" key to post this message. Thankyou Denny's for being so crowded last week. We were in a dining rut and needed to be jolted out of it! -Bert in Palatine - Bert in Palatine, 04/14/2007

I've been dining at Cafe Fourteen for 16 years. I have never had a bad experience there. Homemade food by the chef/owner John that can't be beat! It is a family owned businees with a friendly atmosphere, excellent waitstaff and FANTASTIC PRICES. Where can you find a $7.95 complete dinner. Soup, salad, dessert, and coffee, hot tea or iced tea! I think everyone should try it out to see what i'm talking about. - ANONYMOUS, 02/22/2007

Castup bottle was refilled, consolidated, but the cap was not put on tightly. It looked like a new fresh bottle, so I gave it a shake, the cap came off and catsup went flying everywhere, all over my shirt, face and hair When I complained about the loose cap on the catsup bottle, The owner could'nt care less. The other time I had a complaint about the food (stale cake) he didnt care then either. Uncaring ower. I will not go back there again. Food was marginal at best. Fish fry-greasy batter with very little fish. French onion soup-I've had better out of a can. Hot dog-very spongy, cheap not a Chicago dog. sanwiches- only so so. Omlets were ok - Joe M, 12/17/2006

I used a credit card to pay for my meal and gave a five dollar tip in cash. I signed the slip with no tip and went home. I found out later they added a another three dollars to my meal. Watch out!!!!!!!!!!! - anonymous, 11/01/2006

My experience at Cafe Fourteen was nothing but excellent, The service was great and the food exceptionally tasty and plenty of it.. For an at home atmosphere, you'll love Cafe Fourteen.. My group and I couldn't say enough and have been there several times.. I give it five stars.... - Johanna, 09/26/2006

It a greesy spooner with average food - Linda, 08/06/2003

$6.95 Complete Dinner Specials every night of the week from a select menu...Grecian style Pork Chops are one of my favorites. Includes Soup, Salad, Entree, Dessert (including fancier Cakes from their display case) and Coffee/Tea. Hard to beat for value...I usually have dinner there at least every other week and would rate it a 7 or 8 (and have never had any experience like the previous reviewer). - Palatine Resident, 04/24/2003

This diner-like restaurant with vinyl booths and a very casual atmosphere is a 4 on my scale of one to ten. Although there was a black hair in my salad, the staff on duty seemed very concerned and eagerly took it off for me. I don't think I'll return. - Carmen 7/20/01, 07/24/2001

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