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Chicken 'n Spice

251 N Chicago

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Detail for Chicken 'n Spice : Restaurant, American

I went to this place over the memorial day weekend 2006. I can safely say it was the worst food I have ever attempted to eat. I hate to even use the word attempted, since it contains the word 'tempt' in it, but it's too late now. I was tempted to hurl after walking out of there though. I ordered the 2-piece chicken dinner, with spicy rice and a bisquit. I also ordered a side of maccaroni and cheese, and a large coke. First the chicken: It was a leg and a thigh...It tasted 'tangy'...which is never a good sign when it comes to poultry. I took a bite or two of each piece (I was starving). I had to spit out he last bite. The 'Spicy Rice': Seemed like this was justa batch of dried up day old white rice with scrapings from the grill in it. The tiny flecks of brown hamburger grease and the occasional bit of red spice. It really tasted like something that had been rescued from a fridge in a frat house. It was sevred cold, underneath my rancid fried chicken. The Bisquit: the first bite tasted awful, perhaps due to the fact that it had been laying on the rice and chicken...after that, it was passable, like a normal Bisquick one that you would make at home...but I had lost my appetite by then. Coke: How on earth can you screw up coke? I'll tell you how. You buy Cola flavored syrup at some discount restaurant supply place, and try to pass it off as coca-cola. oh, and make sure you serve it in a large novelty cup that is gassing off petroleum byproducts...It adds that special 'benzyne' flavor you can only get at Chicken N Spice. The Maccaroni and cheese: Perhaps the biggest disappointment for me. Back in the midwest again, hungry as heck...hoping to get some authentic sould food...I gleefully order a side of maccaroni and cheese. The woman at the counter tells the cashier that she's going to go back and get started on it... Woo Hoo! great! special house recipe...this is going to be awesome! Cut to me sitting queesy at the table, having just been subjected to the worst meal in recent memory. The styrofoam container that is housing my mac and cheese side dish is looking up at me... At least I have the mac and cheese...I think to myself. I flip open the lid. Inside the container I see a laughable sight. a thin layer of KRAFT maccaroni and cheese languishing at the bottom of the styrofoam container. Unbelievable! I take a bite...yep, it's that distictive lame Kraft flavor...looks like that tossed in some nacho sauce in there, and stirred it up, but holy my god...a restauant charging me 1.49 cents for a cup of luke warm Kraft mac n cheese...I had to start laughing. That's my story...and I'm sticking to it. Worst food ever... - greg, 06/15/2006

Awesome food. Friendly people. You HAVE to try the chunks!!! - brian f, 05/08/2003

Good food at good prices(Try the breast chunks!) Cheerful, friendly, and fast service. - J-Catt, 03/06/2003

The breast chunks are the best! The strawberry shortcake for dessert. - dan, 01/03/2003

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