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Chimpy's Pizza Safari

1360 S Milwaukee

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RatingRatingRatingRatingRating     Rating: 5 planets.
     Man, I miss this place so much! It was the best! Better than Chuck E. Cheese's! I remember the Rock A-Fire Explosion band that played there! It was much better than Chuck E. Cheese where Chuck E. would just sing certain songs and not fit into them very well. The Rock A-Fire characters sang many different songs and, no matter what character was singing, the character fit in very well. The Rock A-Fire Explosion even allowed you to choose a show at certain times! I have to thank Aaron Fechter, the creator of the rock afire, as he made an excellent show! Not just the band made the place great, the games and rides too made it great! I believe that all the games along with the rock afire explosion were from showbiz pizza, so the whole thing was a nostalgia trip to those who remembered Showbiz from back in the day. I just wish that Chimpy's didn't shut down as, when I had kids, I could take them there. Wonder why it shut down and what happened to the rock afire explosion that was once there. Hopefully the Rock A-Fire that was once there didn't get thrown away and went to a nice new home where it's kept and maintained
           - an 80's junkie .. Sep 07, 2014 18:38:52

I used to work for chimpy's in glenview years ago. I used to work as many positions for the company but I have to say the best part was being the chimp. Most people hated it. I loved it. It was the only time where I could have fun. Once in a while you get the bastard who hit you in the balls, You just hit them upside the head but nicely so the parents dont get to pissed but overall just have fun - Kenny, 04/02/2009

F u dumb b's chimpys is the shit! - anonymous, 01/27/2009

I remember Chimpy's as a kid. It was like a Jeepers! with a jungle theme. I think Chimpy's closed a few years ago. - [jonrev], 01/18/2008

I recommend the cornish game hen, and the escargot flambe. Bon Apetit. - Chap McGoolio, 08/11/2007

I heart Chimpy's!!!! - Drew, 05/28/2007

Chimpy's was one of the most dispicable place I ever been to. The management team was so unprofessional and rude. NO RESPECT WHAT SO EVER! - nichole, 01/14/2007

the manager is rude, the food is horiable and one of the tenents made my child cry!This place is horriable. Unprofessional, and unpleasent - raphael, 10/30/2006

chimpy's is a fine establishment that I had the pleasure to experiance - jake, 10/30/2006

I, too, have had a birthday party at Chimpy's; not to mention the several times that I've taken my kids (and their friends) there just for fun ... and I cannot believe that ANYONE can walk away from that place complaining! There was one evening where 'Chimpy and his gang' were 'resting', but the manager explained that they were in the process of repairing it. Come on now, it can't be helped if it may be 'down' for a day or two. Yea the kids were disappointed, but there were so many games to play and rides for the babies that they soon forgot about the animated stars! We also ran into a problem with one of the games (kept eating the kids tokens), but the manager/owner? saw to it that we received some extra tokens and had the machine repaired immediately. I can't compare Chimpy's to what it use to be before this new management team, but I can say that it's one of the cleanest, courteous kids places I've been in a long, long time! I, as well as my friends and their families, will continue to go to Chimpy's and certainly recommend it to anyone who has never been there before. - Donna Jean, 09/20/2003

great place to bring the hole family. the new owner's are great people they have turned chimpy's in to a clean,fun,place. new games have been added and the mechanical show is great !!!!!!!!!!!!! the soft play was totally redone very clean not to say the rest of the place was spot less !!!! the owner Dennis is happy to assist you in your needs, true some of is staff are young and he try's to teach them the same way. true the kids do go throw some tokens (about the same every where) but i do not hear for my kid. the game is broke it ate my token. the pizza is real pretty good the kid love he also has good sandwiches i love the chicken breast .... next time your around stop buy and see Dennis or this Mom - dean w ., 09/17/2003

I had my son's birthday party at Chimpy's 6/29/03. It was terrible! There was no 'Chimpy'. He sat motionless, silent and in the dark as did all the other characters because there is no show! No one will tell you that so I thought I'd save you the embarrassment and money. Also, it was hot inside - I guess you have to pay extra for air conditioning. When I called to tell the 'new' owner about my son's boring birthday party - he was rude and not professional as you would expect from any business owner. So, if you are looking for a place to have a fun birthday party - go someplace else!!!!! - P Levernier, 07/26/2003

It's now under new management and 130% better... More professional, still a young staff so mistakes are made often but they are soooo much better.... - NudaPIG, 01/01/2003

The kids absolutely love this place! But, plan on bringing lots of money for tokens! The pizza is pretty good, too. - Valerie, 12/13/2002

I feel this place is very unorganized and unprofessional!!!!!!!!! - Racquel Cruz, 02/19/2001

Chimpy's is the BEST!!!!!! What a great place. - Colleen, 08/17/2000

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