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Dave's Italian Kitchen

1635 Chicago

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Detail for Dave's Italian Kitchen : Restaurant, Italian

Italian specialties include ravioli, lasagna, calzone, and chicken Vesuvio. Artsy, no-nonsense decor. Great casual dining. - sys, 12/26/1999

This casual eatery is a favorite among college students and families. Start your meal with homemade bread and move on to a spaghetti dish that arrives in mammoth portions. Other popular menu items include thin-crust pizza. Open daily for dinner. - Alotta, 03/04/2005

As a long time (15+ years) of Dave's, I'm saddened to write this account of my dinner there this evening. Four of us were seated at the back of the restaurant. The host then seated a party of six young, highly intoxicated college students at the table next to us, and we noticed immediately that the waiter served them bottles of wine. We were surprised both that the waiter did not ask for proof of identification/age and that he would serve a party that was already clearly drunk. One of the guys in the party began shouting at the waiter to be served, followed by loud stadium cheers, disrupting conversations at all of the surrounding tables. We asked him to lower his

Evanston , Dave's Italian Kitchen

voice. We then noticed that something was thrown onto our table, from the angle of where he was sitting. It turned out to be a clump of parmesan cheese that struck one of our dinner companions in the back of the head. She confronted him immediately, but he and his party denied that anything occurred. We called for the manager, who came to our table with the restaurant owner. The manager apologized, but offered to do nothing. I suggested that the restaurant should stop serving alcohol to those who were yelling and throwing food, and that they should pay for our dinner. Consulting with each other, the manager and owner said they could do nothing at the moment, but would provide us with a complementary dinner at some later date. When we paid for our bill, the manager said he would remove the cost of wine and dessert from our dinner tab, and that it should settle the issue. I'm very disappointed that Dave's management decided to continue serving the drunk patrons. I can only presume that they value their patronage of college students, as they should; however, it appears that they're willing to forego patronage from others who do not wish to be assaulted with food, drunken outbursts and other abusive behaviors. Its no longer a place I would recommend to anyone as an enjoyable evening out.
- midder555, 04/22/2007

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