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Dean's Grill

757 E Boughton

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Detail for Dean's Grill : Restaurant, American

Sue and Dean are finally back. We're bringing the Chicago Diner atmosphere that we all enjoyed in Willowbrook for 15 years to our new location in Bolingbrook, on the SW corner of 355 and Boughton Rd. Opening February 9th. Same menu, same quality, same open kitchen design. Home of the Famous Farmer's Omelet. Open Mon-Fri at 5 am, Sat-Sun at 6 am. - Susan B, 02/19/2004

11/04/2010 - So sad to say that we went to Dean's for breakfast this morning and they are GONE!!! Closed up, furniture gone, presumably out of business. We were heartbroken to see this Ma & Pa restaurant gone. Now where will I get the best breakfast and grits around and, by far, the world's best Rueben with Sweet Potato fries. You will be missed Dean and Sue! - Jan & Bill, 11/04/2010

Awesome food, friendly staff, and entertaining conversation. What more could you ask for!?! - Bill Fraser, 02/13/2009

Horrably rude staff is an understatement. I recently called them politely asking to photograph some of their dishes for a newspaper series. "Don't you know it's Christmas," the owner screamed. "We're too busy." And then she hung so hard that I think she broke their phone. Later, the other cowardly owner called back with a blocked number to accuse me of tying up their line for three hours! Too bad they'll miss out on the complimentary advertising... - Jim Sheldon, 12/21/2008

The food is over priced and the staff is extremely rude. You would think they would be nicer considering the stuff they are trying to pass off as food. If they closed in 1997, lets just hope that history repeats itself. - never again, 11/25/2008

dean's grill is a great place to get fresh food any time.Glad this family is back in the restaurant business.They know what they're doing and they do it well. I always have a great experience and meal. - susan, 09/10/2007

Have a group of 7 of us that each week try a different Restaurant and my selection was this. I really did not know what to expect but was pleasantly suprised by the food, service and overall hospitality. The food was great, they say that all their food is made fresh and it really is! Really makes you want top return. I don't know why anyone would complain, if you are going for a good home cooked meal that is exactly what you get plus a smile and a thank you when your done! - Kim Brown, 06/04/2007

Dean's Grill closed in 1997 but is reopening at I355 and Boughton Rd. in Bolingbrook sometime in February! Dean can't wait to see all his old customer's again. - Dean Bannos, 10/24/2003

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