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Embers Charhouse

1776 S Roselle

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Detail for Embers Charhouse : Restaurant, American

My wife and I went to the Embers on Sat, 29 Jan 05. We arrived at approximately 4:45 PM. No one was at the hostess desk, but a young man was shuffling menus at a table a short distance away. He finally went to the area at the back and got the hostess. She apologized for the wait, and seated us at a table near the fireplace. That's as good as it got. We were then summarily ignored for the next 15 or so minutes. During that time another couple was seated and served imediately and a second partial group (3 of 5) was seated and quickly had their order taken. We still hadn't seen our waitress. Finally, after about a 15 or so minute wait with 4 waitresses standing in the rear of the restaurant, which was empty except for the four tables in the main dining room and four booths along the windows, never looking our way, we figured no one would never wait on us, so we left. I spoke to the hostess on the way out and expressed my displeasure with the service. She looked at the hostess desk and said that our waitress was right there. I walked with her to the area and the waitress offered an unsolicited 'excuse' for not coming to our table. She said she had 'so many tables that she just couldn't get to us before.' If the hostess assigned too many tables to one waitress and has four others doing virtually nothing she cannot be much of a manager. We left angry but went to another restaurant that provided an excelent meal and service. I really don't know IF or when we will ever go to the Embers again. - Paul J. Nelson, 01/31/2005

Terrific service, exceptional menu...plenty of food. Sept 18,2004 dinner - Patron, 09/23/2004

WoW what excellent customer service, on 5/31/03 I was parked at Harper College and unfortunately I locked my keys in the car I walked across the street to the EmberCharhouse restaurant. There I met 'Pam' who I explained my situation to. She went the extra mile to assist me in locating the number for AAA, and was very helpful and kind. She made me feel a lot better!! about my mistake. Thank you so much Pam!!! - Deana Gaston, 06/03/2003

We had the dinner at EMbers after my Daughters Christening, and the food was fabulous, didn't know about the singing - which was very entertaining...........Dinner and a show! We really enjoyed ourselves - I highly recommend this restaraunt **** - Mary 4/14/2003, 04/14/2003

it's a nice restaurant with great ribs and singing waiters, it says 'casual' dress, but it's more formal than famouse daves or applebees... - olivia, 02/13/2003

I liked it. The waiters sang nice too. - Joe, 12/07/2001

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