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Detail for Graziano's : Restaurant, Italian

Love the food, love the atmosphere, love the service... is off kilter there... -, 09/27/2001

Dear Sir or Madam: I've been to Graziano's in Niles 3 times now and probably won't be back because of the following reasons. I run my own 'service industry' type business and have some sympathy for the problems a restaurant owner must face, BUT when spending good money on a commercial dinner it is very important that one feels that youself and your group are being treated with the utmost respect and competency. For your information I am middle aged. Visit 1. My wife and myself. EXCELLENT food and prompt courteous service on a Friday night. Visit 2. As a result of my first visit I invited 6 members of my family (brothers and sister with their mates) for a Saturday night dinner there and drinks later elsewhere. Some of the dishes were cold (unacceptably so), but were not sent back since we just wanted to talk to each other and the food was ancillary to our visit. Also some soup was ordered separately to be taken home after the meal since it was not served as ordered with our meal. The extra soup orders also were not available to us when the bill was presented. At the time we did not want to delay for the extra order. There was also overly long time delays between orders, delivery of food, missing items, etc. Perhaps this was caused insufficient staffing, but the number of wait staff personnel seemed to be adequate. For this second visit to Graziano's we 'blew it off' and went on our merry way to our brandy, etc. It was disappointing since I had really praised your restaurant after our first visit. Our company made the evening, but Graziano's did not add much positive and indeed, was a bit of a negative which had to be overcome by our good spirits. -, 10/16/2000

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