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Detail for Kampai : Restaurant, Japanese

My mother took me to Kampai years ago, when I was maybe 6 or 7 years old. The food was excellent then, and is still excellent now. Hands down, THE ONLY PLACE FOR JAPANESE. - a chicago wedding planner, 10/23/2008

I was at the restaurant Friday evening and was shocked to see so many little children. We always considered this an "adult" restaurant and surprised to find people bringing toddlers. Won't be back. - Betty, 08/11/2008

I was at Kampai last Sat. night because i read the reviews on this site. I sat at a table with what must of been a relative of the last reviewer. He too had a coupon and when was told nicely they were not accepted on a saturday night did nothing but complain throughout the whole dinner. I had a wonderful meal. It was prepared by a very entertaining chef and cooked just right. I think if a coupon means more than a meal eat at Mc Donalds! - Sharon, 03/14/2008

Besides not honoring a gift certificate given to us a gift..we were treated with disrespect and rudeness (especially by a hostess named Michelle) This was our first experience there and will now be our last. -a journalist with the Tribune - a fireman and his wife, 11/24/2007

We started experiementing with the Japanese Steakhouses through the Entertainment Book. We discovered Kampai serveral years ago and still remain loyal customers. They are by far THE BEST Japanese Steakhouse in the Chicagoland area. As a matter of fact, we have reservations for tonight! Anyone who says they are terrible obviously is just looking for a free meal or is just a complainer who wil never be satisfied. Benihana is suppose to be the biggest chain of Japanese Steakhouses-go there if you want bland! Kampai Rocks!!!! - Anonymous, 11/30/2007

I've been a customer since the late 70's when it was first open. I found the the food is still pretty good, especially the Goldern shrimps. However, the skills of the chefs (in showsmanship) are getting worst. I also found the cost is way expensive for what they serve. I notice some of the reviewer compare this to Benahana, well Benahana is a big chain. Like most big chains, the food is aveage and so is everything in it. Kampai is still better than a chain. - Bill, 10/15/2007

Kampai is soooo yummy! Thats my favorite restaurant by far!! The food is scrumptous, and the chiefs are amazing! - Michelle, 10/03/2007

I love Kampai! The food is so delicious... the soup and salad are the best! It's a fun atmosphere and the chefs are great entertainment! Great place to go on a date or bring your whole family! The mai tai's are pretty good, too! Don't pass Kampai up! :) - Julie from Park Ridge, 03/09/2007

I just had a wonderful dinner at this restaurant last night. The Manager at the front desk was very helpful, The waiter was very attentive, and the chef, Phil, was the best, his show was fun! I will return to have many more dinners here!! - Sara, 07/24/2006

We have eaten at Kampai for years, and always loved the food. As of lately, the atmosphere has changed and isn't as nice and doesn't seem as clean. The food was still good, though! - bridget of Romeoville, 04/18/2006

I've been going to Kampai for about ten years now- in their youth they were a fabulous restaurant, excelling at food, service and presentation. Though they remain far better than Benihana, like most restaurants that gain fame they've greatly declined the quality of their ingredients while steadily hiking prices, but they remain worth a try. The sushi bar hasn't suffered as much as the restaurant and remains a solid choice, but if you're in the dining room, make sure to get a taste of the 'golden' sauce or the gomae, they might be the only items worth their price. Last time I was there, they seemed to be making an attempt to improve the chef's performances at least. I hope their food and service arn't far behind, maybe some day they'll be worth their rates again. - Dan, 12/19/2005

This was the most disappointing dinner I have ever had at a restaurant. The food was very bland and very overpriced. The manager wasn't a pleasant person and the so called show which I thought was supposed to be the 'draw' was less than mediocre. I would never reccommend nor return to this restaurant. - Barbara, 12/06/2005

I fell in love with Japanese steakhouses and have experiemented with most in the Chicago area as well as others. Kampai is by far the best!!! Everything tastes great and the chefs are incedibly talented. We go there for every special occasion and of course other times too! I also would love the recipe or ingredients in Kampai's egg yolk sauce. It's incredible! - Kara, 12/05/2003

I'm from Colombia and when i came for the first time to this country, my husband took me out for dinner there. I LOVE IT; i never see such ability of those cooks the place is awesome. now every anniversary , we got there it is wonderful! - Johana K., 05/09/2003

I ate the Kampai and we had a new cook. The shrimp was not done and he did not divid the vegetables right. The first person got all the veggies and we got the onions! When we called the manager over, we were told 'You are mistaken, everything is cooked right, and you got the right amount of food.' That is the last time I will go there. - Mary, 02/21/2003

i love the Kampai restaurant. have been in search for the egg yolk sauce for many years. someone must have the recipe or at least the ingredients. please help - tricia, 04/04/2002

We have been dining here since they first opened years ago. It's better than Benihana or Ron of Japan and nowhere near as expensive! The egg yolk sauce on the shrimp is worth the trip, the rest of the food just make it even better. - Connie Kelly, 11/14/2001

FOOD and Service is great! I also like their website. - Joel Carboni, 03/08/2001

Sushi is very fresh and well presented. The music is soothing and the boats are fun. I have been to many sushi restraunts throughout the states and this one is by far the best one!! - LANA kUTYNSKY, 01/11/2001

We have eaten Japanese food in many cities, but this is by far, the finest anywhere. Excellent cuts of meat, wonderfully seasoned. The cooks here are much more talented than Beni-hana. -, 03/24/2000

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